Sunday, August 31, 2014

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The Darkness – Is It Worth It?

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The Darkness was released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in June 2007 and was either one of the best comic book inspired shooters of all time or an incredible failure in almost all areas. Find out which, as I try to answer the question, The Darkness, Is it worth it? Please leave suggestions for what games I can ... Read More »

Video Thirst – Top 5 Places To Work In Gaming

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If you’re a hardcore gamer the chances are that you have occasionally dreamed about getting a job in the industry that creates and reports on the thing you love. Some people have turned that dream into a reality and managed to get a job in one of the most competitive and lucrative entertainment industries. Read More »

Top 5 – Games We Know Will Be Awesome

Ass creed 3 header

Some games surprise you with how good they are when they seemingly come out of nowhere. Other games we see coming from a long way away and know they will be awesome Months or even Years before they are released. These are the games we are celebrating in this list. These are Games Thirst’s top 5 games we know will ... Read More »

First Look – Forza 4

I am a total novice when it comes to driving games. So find out what I thought after one of my first ever races in the most recent instalment of the highly acclaimed Xbox exclusive racing franchise. Spoiler alert, the games looking great. Read More »

First Look – Rock Of Ages

In terms of unique concepts for games they don’t get much more bizarre than this. Rock Of Ages is an action-strategy game that combines a castle defence game with fast paced rolling action of a game like Super Monkey Ball. Now lets see if it is any good. Read More »