Wednesday, June 5, 2013
The Darkness – Is It Worth It?

The Darkness – Is It Worth It?

The Darkness was released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in June 2007 and was either one of the best comic book inspired shooters of all time or an incredible failure in almost all areas. Find out which, as I try to answer the question, The Darkness, Is it worth it?

Please leave suggestions for what games I can review in future episodes. Next episode I will be looking at Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 to see if it’s worth it.

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  • benzo

    Good review sir! I love both Darkness games! Awesome story and gameplay,but the MP sucked whale shark balls.
    Maybe a review of Lost Odyssey for 360….

  • nick

    the darkness was such a fun game, it was one of those games that was so unsophisticated, cheap, and felt like it was held together with home made glue and botched staples, but you just did not care because it was so creative and FUN!
    especially creative and creepy with those death sequences, those were maybe a little too over the top!
    exactly why i was so disappointed with the sequel, it did everything every sequel this gen has done.
    thrown out everything that made the original so great, and replaced it with the drab dreary most repetitive boring shit possible!
    it just felt so uncreative, i mean theres only so many times you can grab a guy and split him in half, before you get bored of it!
    first time its wow thats so cool and violent!
    20000th time its eh im sick of this!
    the cell shaded graphics did not help either, i mean the appeal of the original was its dark gritty graphics and its uber dark themes and creepy tone.
    so they follow that up by making the game cell shaded!
    thats like creating a slasher film, but every character looks like a character from loony tunes!
    whats the point?
    you cant have a ultra violent dark themed game with cartoony graphics, it just destroys the whole feel of the game!

  • Alex Mason

    This game was amazingly fun. Just wish it was a bit longer. I have yet to buy The Darkness 2.

    Also the multiplayer was unneeded and could have been replaced with a survival mode or a longer story mode.

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