Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Video Thirst – Top 5 Places To Work In Gaming

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If you’re a hardcore gamer the chances are that you have occasionally dreamed about getting a job in the industry that creates and reports on the thing you love. Some people have turned that dream into a reality and managed to get a job in one of the most competitive and lucrative entertainment industries. Read More »

Top 5 – Games We Know Will Be Awesome

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Some games surprise you with how good they are when they seemingly come out of nowhere. Other games we see coming from a long way away and know they will be awesome Months or even Years before they are released. These are the games we are celebrating in this list. These are Games Thirst’s top 5 games we know will ... Read More »

Top 5 – Xbox 360 (Console) Exclusives

Last week we saw the best exclusive games that the Playstation 3 has to offer, so now it’s time to see if Microsoft can match Sony with it’s exclusive titles. While some of these games are also available on the PC/Mac, if you want to play them on a console then the Xbox 360 is the platform to own. Read More »

These Are The Top Five PS3 Exclusives

The Playstaion 3 has an impressive lineup of exclusive titles. This is great for Playstaion 3 owners but made my life extremely difficult when I had to pick just 5 to include is this weeks top 5. I managed it though, so here is Games Thirst’s top 5 Playstation 3 exclusive games. Read More »

Top 5 – Platformers On The XBLA

The Xbox Live Arcade is home to a great selection platformers that may not have seen a release anywhere else. While Little Big Planet fights to keep side scrolling platformers relevant to a modern audience, few other platformers are getting full releases on current consoles. This does not mean we are getting less, just from different places. We can all ... Read More »

These Are The Top Five Most Difficult Villains In Gaming

Last week we covered the best enemies. But they were just the drones, the troops at the frontline, now it’s time to look at the brains. These masterminds of evil are the cause of conflict in almost every video game. We need the enemies to fight, but we need the true baddies to send them into battle. So without any ... Read More »

Top 5 – Video Game Enemies

Enemies make shooters what they. While guns are equally essential, without targets to shoot there would be no point. Well duh. But that doesn’t mean thats games need fill their levels to the brim with bullet sponges. While most games seem to stick rigidly to the pop in and out of cover mechanic, some developers have been starting to get ... Read More »

Video Thirst: Top 5 Game Theme Tunes

Game soundtracks are added for a variety of different reasons, to add tension, to get stuck in the players head, to enhance the gameplay, to add drama or even to make you laugh. But what a game theme tune is, has changed dramatically over the years. From the catchy bleeps of the 80′s, to dramatic full orchestral epics that accompany ... Read More »

Video Thirst: Top 5 Most Addictive 80 MSP Indie Games

There is an incredible 1815 indie games currently available for download from xbox live. While many of these games are simply not worth your time, some of them are hidden gems that get lost in the pile. Finding these gems can be something of a difficult task however. It would be nearly impossible for one person to download and try ... Read More »