Sunday, October 12, 2014


EA Turned Down Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Sequel


Although EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told GameInformer Magazine that his company would love to be part of a Kingdoms of Amalur sequel, the site’s sources told it that EA’s telling a lie, as the publisher was given the opportunity to do just that but turned the offer down. Read More »

Most Developers Say Xbox 720 Is The Easiest Console To Make Games For, Believe Sony Will Lose The Sales Battle Against MS Again

The Next Xbox

If you’ve been gaming for the past 7 years, there’s no way you’ll forget the fiasco that was PS3’s launch. It was a disaster. In fact, most gaming journalists who covered the early days of the console reckoned it would fail, as they saw no way Sony could get over the machine’s unbelievably high price tag, the lack of games ... Read More »

Criterion Hiring For Open World Racer, Game To Launch On PS4, Xbox 720

Criterion’s mostly about racing games, of course, the developer’s been at the forefront of said genre for a good bit. So it comes as no surprise to learn that yet again they’re taking the lead in bringing us a new type of racing experience, one that will boast open-world gameplay. None of this is surprising, what is interesting though, is ... Read More »

New Bungie Game Code Name Tiger – First Sreen, Logo Confirmed

Bungie has unveiled for the first time the code name of its new game stemming from a ten-year contract it signed with Activision, and has released one screen in the process. This was all part of the firm’s 20th Anniversary, where its past, present and future were examined in a video documentary dubbed ‘O Brave New World’. Get more below. Read More »

Quick Quenchers: Epic Games On Giving Credit To Developers

“I think credit is really important, and it’s really f*&^ing cheap – pardon my French. It doesn’t cost you a thing to have a guy in the credits who worked for you for three years and had to move to Seattle because his mom got sick six months before the product shipped. Or even just say, he worked hard on ... Read More »