Monday, May 6, 2013
Most Developers Say Xbox 720 Is The Easiest Console To Make Games For, Believe Sony Will Lose The Sales Battle Against MS Again

Most Developers Say Xbox 720 Is The Easiest Console To Make Games For, Believe Sony Will Lose The Sales Battle Against MS Again

If you’ve been gaming for the past 7 years, there’s no way you’ll forget the fiasco that was PS3′s launch. It was a disaster. In fact, most gaming journalists who covered the early days of the console reckoned it would fail, as they saw no way Sony could get over the machine’s unbelievably high price tag, the lack of games on the thereon, and Microsoft’s push to secure timed-exclusive from major third-party partners. But Sony survived, and so did PS3, and although we reckon the firm should change or die, it seems as if old habits die hard, because according to game developers who spoke to IGN anonymously because of the sensitivity of the subject, who are now in the process of readying titles for PS4 and Xbox 720 to be released in 2013, Microsoft’s console is once again the easiest machine to developer games for.

The developers also believe that Microsoft’s new console will once again lead the sales battle for the next five years, however they gave the most damning verdict to Nintendo’s Wii U. 63% of developers said the Wii U would be the most challenging platform to create games for:

“We won’t be working on Wii U due to these complexities,” said one developer, while another questioned the ability to port games unique to Wii U to other platforms.

Microsoft, according to this report, is once again choosing the route of making its next Xbox a PC dressed in a pretty box, a move that worked extremely well for Xbox 360, and although we don’t know why it’s more difficult to build games for Sony’s upcoming console, it seems as if the company from the land of the rising sun has once more opted to be different, and although this is not a bad thing, we fear for Sony’s survival, because if it botches PS4′s launch. Game over.

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  • benzo

    Easier doesnt mean better. PS3 has had some of the best console games from a technical standpoint. And just because something is easier to develop for doesnt translate to more sales from the consumer end. Now a year head start does equal win as well as being cheaper at the launch…we shall see what happens. Please remember, nobody saw the Wii being the sales beast that it was….

  • nick

    actually it does mean better.
    ALL the headaches $ony has suffered from the ps3 is because they have to be different.
    it was so expensive to make.
    it ended up releasing months later than it was suppose to, they had so many issues with the bluray drive, and hell the cell CPU was such a trouble child it ended up releasing with 2 of the SPUs disabled because they could not get them working properly!
    not to mention all the poor ports its suffered.
    not to mention all the exclusives it lost.
    i really thought the ps4 would be different, now that father ken finally left, they would break out of their bad habits and give in.
    i guess i thought wrong……..

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