Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halo Reach Championship – Enter Now!

Enter the Halo: Reach championship now for your chance to win 1200 Microsoft Points. The championship consists of 1v1 games with the winner staying on.

All games will be recorded and commentated, so everyone can see what happened in each game. If you have the competitive edge and fancy your chances at becoming the Games Thirst champion then submit your challenge today. As it is a winner stays on championship the competition is only going to get tougher, for the best chance of winning make sure you enter soon.

Details on how to enter and competition rules below.

To enter comment bellow or email “[email protected]” with your gamertag. We will reply with details about your match.

-To enter the championship you must first win a 4 players Free For All game.

-The qualifiers will be played to 25 kills and feature a rotation of the maps Zealot, Powerhouse and Asylum.

-All players MUST upload the theatre video of the game to their file shares for the results to be checked and the games to be recorded.

-Any disputes will be dealt with by Games thirst admin. If any foul play is detected that player will be disqualified.

-The gametype must be the official gametype downloaded from ‘Stampylongnose’ file share. It’s named ‘Games Thirst. HRC.’

-If one or both contenders become unavailable at the schedule time then contact us as soon as possible so we can schedule a new time. If you miss your game without contacting us 2 days before your game then you will loose your place in the championship.

-The maps MUST be downloaded from the file share of “stampylongnose”. Some maps have be edited slightly. If you have any questions about these small alterations email [email protected].

-Available maps: Powerhouse, Reflection, Zealot, Asylum, Treasury, Select, Rebirth.

-The gametype only has the sprint armour ability and has a DMR and Magnum spawn.

-Games are played to 20 kills with a time limit of 12 minutes.

-Games will be played on Wednesday’s at 22:30 UTC/GMT. This time is flexible and can change to suit both players. If you have a certain time that you are un-available please let us know in your submission email/comment. For help with time zones click here.

-The challenger chooses the map and hosts the game. The challenger does not have to reveal their chosen map until the day of the game. If either player wants to practise on a map they don’t have email us and I will place it on my file share (all maps are taken from official matchmaking).

-The game must be played with “teams enabled” with the champion red and the challenger blue.

If you have any questions or would like to compete then comment bellow.

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  • rosie833

    Count me in =)

  • dark hydra

    Hell yeah! GT: DaRk HyDrA z
    Good luck…to me!

  • gkgg123

    yeah im in my gt is GKGG123

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  • stubucky1

    count me in GT: stubucky1

  • Pricedstorm

    count me in :) GT:PricedStorm

  • truesk8er01

    Im in. GT: truesk8er01

  • I love halo

    I would want to join the halo reach championship

  • Fluffywolf23

    can I join halo reach championship and my xbox 360 name is Fluffywolf23

  • Guy who wanna play halo

    When is the next game