Friday, August 29, 2014

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Embers: Short Assassin’s Creed Film Announced

Ubisoft’s announced a new animated movie titled Assassin’s Creed: Embers, which will expand on the final chapter of the life of Ezio, covering a journey which has spanned more than four decades. The short film will release alongside the game come November 15th. Catch the first trailer below the break. Read More »

Video Thirst: Heavy Rain Turned Into 3hr Movie, We Pop Corn

So you’ve played Heavy Rain and enjoyed it fully. But you just couldn’t get around to playing it again because you lacked the drive. Yet, like a child wanting mammy to tell a bed time story, you dream of the day Sony would turn the full thing into a movie. Your dream, my friend, has just come to pass. Read More »

David O. Russell Responds To Fans Of Uncharted Over Movie Concerns, Seeks To Reassure

Ever since David O. Russell got the Uncharted movie gig and started talking about it, fans immediately became concerned. But it was not until he said that families in the move would have a “sopranos” feel to them did fans, including me, fainted. He’s heard about those concerns, thankfully, and he’s released comments trying hard to convince the inconvincible that ... Read More »