Sunday, January 25, 2015
Thirsty Conversations: CNN Already Blaming Gaming For Colorado Shooting

Thirsty Conversations: CNN Already Blaming Gaming For Colorado Shooting

Yep. While watching the news on CNN about the shooting in Colorado at a theater showing the premier of Dark Knight Rises, I heard one psychologist blame the occurrence on young men playing too many videos games. Really? I mean, seriously?! A 24 year old man goes to the premier of a Batman movie, takes innocent lives and you blame it on videogames?

Lash out, folks. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst incredulity.

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  • benzo

    This man was a 24yr old medical student,not some 18yr old xbot. This guy acting alone and the only person to blame is the shooter. COD, BF,Halo, Gears,Killzone didnt make this guy open fire on innocent people. So instead of trying to find someone to blame,concentrate on talking to this wacko and helping the victims. Ive been killing in video games for 20 damn years and I have no desire to kill innocent people. I also own guns,and that combination hasnt caused me or any of my other friends to wig the f out. Easy to blame gaming,instead of ask why the hell regular ass citizens can buy assault rifles and bulletproof vests. People can yell gun rights and constitution all day, but as a person who works in the streets I can say that I wouldnt mind an assault rifle ban. My Sigma series can protect my family the same as a AR-15,and with considerably less splatter. I put my life on the line everyday at work,and the last thing on my mind is “OMG does this kid play COD,because he may shoot me”.

  • benzo

    If you didnt notice, Im pissed.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha. Yes you are. Bringing my opinion to this room in a bit…


    Strokes chin.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “I’ve been killing in video games for 20 damn years and I have no desire to kill innocent people”


    Same here, man. And I agree with you on the ban of some weapons. Also, why is gaming the first target for the CNN contributor? The guy seems to be more inspired by Dark Knight Rises villain Bane than anyone else.


    There are so many other factors that could play a role in this situation, but gaming is there first attack. I suspect it’ll never stop – but it needs to, because it’s utter rubbish.

  • os1019

    Well anytime something dealing with a shooting especially a mass shooting by someone under 35 the lamestream media are going to bring up video games of course after a few people rally on about gun control etc etc… The difference is the legal gun owners here in the States have the NRA who are willing to literally go to war with anyone when it comes to the slightest mention of gun control. They are even prepared to battle the UN. Maybe it is time for us “gamers” to do the same things. After all we are a billion dollar industry and it is time to act like one. Maybe we need an organization or something that is willing to go to bat in the defense of video games. If not expect more non gamers and the lamestream media to attack video gaming when ever they see fit.

  • afrotravis

    i was waiting for this to happen…where gaming is always blamed… oh well for the victims of this mass shooting… my prayers go out to you n ur families….

  • narwall14

    not to offend anyone but this guy did this because
    1.He wanted to be in the spotlight
    2.he knew allot of people would mindlessly pile into a movie theater at mid night to watch a something they could watch later
    3.they did say he was a medical student so you have to listen to all the crap other people go through and sometimes those things can jump on you.

  • nick

    pfffft, a psychologist what do they know!?
    media needs to worry on the REAL problem which is gun control.
    it was so funny when i went to hawaii a friend said to me hey lets go out to the back where they keep the guns.
    i looked at him and laughed, said come on its a sports shop as if they have guns!
    and of course they did.
    only in america can you go to your local clothes store and buy a firearm!
    only in america can you purchase a weapon at 18, but you cant drink!
    whats more dangerous?
    a drunk idiot?
    or a idiot with a gun?
    i know which one id rather deal with!
    every country needs to get ALLOT stricter with their weapon laws!
    its almost every week we have a shooting story on the news.
    a local pizzeria got bombed a few weeks ago by some fucking lebs who thought it was a store owned by bikes.
    maybe if the cops were not so preocupied setting up speed cameras, and sitting in the parking islands on the M4 causing traffic jams they would be able to actually do their job!
    you know, save a few lives!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @os1019: You are right on so many levels! I do believe an organization needs to be setup to fight back against the critics…just as the NRA and others have lobbyists in place to bark at politicians… We need some sort of system to bark, and bite these people who howl rubbish.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Afrotrav: Yesir! but you know…I honestly wasn’t expecting it this time! Seriously. I thought they’d simply link the thing to what seems to be the cause: I young man looking for attention. He thinks he’s the joker, for crying out loud!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Narwall: Good points.. People like him love attention. Just a sad way how he got it, though. Innocent people, people with families, future and potential lost their lives because of this. It could have been anybody man. We need pray for them.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “What’s more dangerous, a drunk idiot or one with a gun?” Great question, Nick. Sad thing is, the NRA doesn’t care about people and protection contrary to what they preach. They care about money. That’s it.

  • nick

    thats the problem with everything!
    as i said if we had cops doing their fucking job, instead of hiding in bushes and on parking islands on motorways we would not have these problems!
    its pathetic, a channel 9 news reporter was reporting on a bar brawl last week, the guy who he reported on hunted down the 9 news reporter and bashed him so badly hes now on life support!
    and what are the cops doing about it?
    channel 9 actually interviewed the chief constable asking for more police patrolling the streets late thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday nights due to all the recent drunken brawls.
    and he outright refused saying we dont have enough as it is.
    there more concerned about setting up speed cameras and making money from the fines, then they are about protecting people who were just doing their job!
    its disgusting!

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    Lol….blame video games. I have been killing people in video games for 20 years too and I have no interest in grabbin’ a real gun and running to a packed public venue and unloading on inoccent bystanders. But it would be nice if one of these wackos payed a visit to CNN or FOX News instead of a movie cinema.

    Ok…I did not mean that. But the media and various law enforcement agencies are so quick to throw the blame around and not address the real problem.