Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Thirsty Conversations: You Are A PS3 Fan, Will You Switch Next Gen?

Thirsty Conversations: You Are A PS3 Fan, Will You Switch Next Gen?

Likewise, you’re an Xbox 360 fan, is there any possibility of you changing your alliance from Microsoft to Sony when PS4 rolls out? Reason I ask this question is because something similar happened to Sony when PS3 was released. In fact most people who own Xboxs today were once PlayStation diehards; so what happened? Can the same thing occur when 2013 comes around and next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft are unveiled?

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    I used to be a playstation die hard, thing that changed me over was the games that the xbox had, and the fun i had with my friends.
    And i get wait for the new gens! so thats a def yes to switching.

  •!/Beta_Beast DarkReaper9

    Lol, I love how there’s no mention of Nintendo. I prefer Xbox over PlayStation, so I won’t be switching, however I do hope there will be more exclusives and new IPs for Xbox 720. The lack of IPs is starting to get to me…

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    Switch?? HELL NO!!!! Playstation is my kind of console and come next generation….CaribbeanCLANK will be getting the next gen Playstation. In my opinion the Playstation has the strongest games library and this tradition will continue into the next generation of consoles.

  • Ernesto22

    I’m going to stick with Sony since I find their IPs more interesting. Also, I’m giving PC gaming a try. :P

  • Mezzo

    This is an extremely easy No for me, i will not switch.
    I have bought both Xbox & Xbox 360, but they both failed to capture my interest for more than a few months. Microsoft really needs to step their game up.
    Nintendo is dead to me, all of my Childhood was spent loving Nintendo, but they have to realize that their Fanbase actually grew up.

    The highlight of every Nintendo Hardware is the same old games, Mario, Kirby, Zelda etc. That’s not gonna fly with me anymore.

    Awesome Games & the Sony’s ability of taking Bold Risk’s is the reason ‘Playstation’ has been my Main Console for the last 3 Generations, And i don’t see that changing.

  • nick

    whoever is out first will get most of the customers, that is exactly why $ony cant afford to make the same mistake they made this gen by releasing a year late, and at a ridiculously high price!
    even more so this gen simply because its been by far the longest and people are really starting to itch for something new.
    it will be interesting though to see how much of a effect things like ouya and streaming services like onlive and gaikai effect them.
    and the strong return of PC gaming, its nice to see some developers finally putting a emphasis on them!
    but i think thats only because consoles are so outdated and the PC is the only place they can move forward.
    once next gen systems are out, PC will be forced back to the bastard child.

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    I have all major consoles to date, missing only the original Xbox. I can safely say, Playstation is my favorite by a long shot. It’s the first console that captivated me that much, the first console that had so many games I still consider favorites today, and something for the fun of it: Playstation is like a religion here in Greece, you will have a difficult time finding a gamer’s house not having at least an old Playstation console.

    That said, Sony has the most interesting and diverse range of IPs for me. Whether it be shooters, RPGs, platformers, action adventures, or emotional “ICO/SotC” style adventures, I know I can find at least one to like in their list.

    On the other hand, my X360… I have its exclusives, like all Gears, all Halo’s, and… that’s it. From there on, I’ve picked some multiplatform games for it, so it doesn’t collect dust.

    Nintendo Wii, it works as my X360, minus the multiplatforms. All I get is exclusives, and I can’t find any reason to buy Wii Sports etc. In fact, I spend more time playing GameCube games on either it or my GameCube (it, because the GC is not on my TV all the time), because I’ve seen the most it can offer me. I’m getting the Wii U on launch though, seems like a more serious (in terms of games) step from Nintendo, and I’ll be there to support it.

    From all I said, it’s sad that Microsoft is over Sony CE when it comes to the gaming departments. SCE is taking a lot of risks, is not afraid to face failure, and doesn’t milk their franchises to death, even though it has a strong list of worthwhile exclusives coming out each year. But, they’re making less than Microsoft does, which saddens me. I hope this changes in the future. I’m grateful that Nintendo took the industry from the grave and made it walk again, and I’ve no problem with their console staying on the first spot. But I at least want the PS4 to be over the NextBox. I think Sony deserves this.

  • nick

    im not too confident about M$s position in the industry next gen to be honest.
    if they keep going the way they have been going the past few years, IE mostly crappy kinect games as exclusives than there really going to struggle!
    i really hope they go back to how they use to be, bring in some new IPs and new experiences.
    if they dont there really going to struggle!

  • afrotravis

    with kinect looking promising for the xbox franchise…i will just re-pledge my allegiance to sony (fyi my contract with them for the ps3 ends next year in june)

  • benzo

    Im sticking with PS as my #1 console next gen. But honestly I will also purchase the nextbox and perhaps Wii U for the kids. But thats only AFTER I get the ps4. Lovin the exclusives and the new IPs this generation. Add that to that fact the Sony OWNS those companies,that equals win for me!

  • linglingjr

    nick what do you mean the PC will go back to being the bastard child? PC games will still look better than the next gen consoles just not by such a large margin. I wasnt with pc when the ps3 and 360 released so I dont really know what you mean

  • ImO6F

    I’ve owned both consoles this gen. After my 360 red-ringed the customer service was unconscionable. I’ve never been treated with such contempt in my life.

    PS3 on the other hand is still going strong, is region free (for PS3 titles), and has great games. There is no way I’d buy MS next console cycle. They’ve lost a customer for good.

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    @LingLingJr, I think he means developers will either overlook it or do straight or barely worked ports for the most part. PC sales of most multiplatform games are weak, and apart from some essentials and some F2P games, I ain’t playing as much as I did on it. Consoles are easier to boot and play, need no upgrades, and have almost every big game coming out on them, plus very sweet exclusives.

  • nick

    not ignore them completley, developers are too greedy so they would not turn down millions of dollars.
    crappy ports though.
    that is what the PC has had to put up with this gen, and only now are we really starting to see what current PC hardware can do!
    were only seeing that because consoles are so outdated, once they refresh PC will go back to being the bastard child, IE getting the crummy ports.
    so few games these days are actually pushed to what PC hardware can do!
    crysis 2 for instance had LOWER textures than the original crysis!
    not to mention a lower API base, DX9 over 10.
    yea they eventually updated them, but have a look at some of the mods fans have made and compare them to what crytek made.
    big, big difference!
    id like to see that change, developers constantly pushing PC hardware to its limits, than porting games to consoles.
    but most developers sadly are too tight a$$ed and lazy to do that!