Monday, December 22, 2014
Grand Theft Auto III guns its way to PSN

Grand Theft Auto III guns its way to PSN

In 4 days from now (well, at least here), on Tuesday anyway, you will be able to get your hands on the first 3D Grand Theft Auto game, the one that served as the template for all subsequent Grand Theft Auto games, and inspired a lot of games, like Just Cause, Saints Row and more, with its intricate open world design, which invited you to waste your time having mad fun doing all sorts of things through the city.

Now, after the iOS devices, Playstation 3 players will be able to get their hands on the Playstation 2 classic, for the justified price of 9.99$. Although, as it’s a straight port from Sony’s previous console, it will not feature trophies or HD enhancements. Cheats should be intact, though, as they’re an integral part of the GTA experience

You should also expect Vice City to land soon, since it was rated back in January along with GTA III, by the ESRB.

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  • Ghost250

    why should i buy this game again when it offers nothing new? i already own the game i should be able to play it on my ps3. f*ck sony

  • nick

    come on GTA is one of THE industries most popular best selling franchises!
    if it does not deserve a HD remake than NOTHING does!
    come on R*, please give us a HD remake of 3, vice city and san andreas!
    and than once that is released a HD remake of liberty city stories, vice city stories and chinatown wars.
    a great placeholder to tide people over till GTAV releases.

  • benzo

    Im with you Nick…a full HD remake would have been awesome,but instead we get the cheap cash in. I’m gonna pass on this one.