Saturday, May 18, 2013
Rumor: Battlefield 4 To Stress Frostbite 2 80 Percent, Game Will Include Female Characters, Launching On PS4, Xbox 720

Rumor: Battlefield 4 To Stress Frostbite 2 80 Percent, Game Will Include Female Characters, Launching On PS4, Xbox 720

Battlefield 4 is the recipient of a plethora of rumors today, including tentative release date, platforms of release, female characters and more. It’s all rumor-water, so drink sparingly below the break.

According to ChipHell‘s member ‘Archangel’, who says these details are coming straight from EA’s Chinese team that participated in an internal Battlefield 4 conference where the alpha version of of the game was showcased, BF4 will include female characters, will stress Frostbite 2 about 80 percent (BF3 managed to stress the engine 30-40 percent), and will launch October 23rd, 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox 720 and PC.

According to EA’s American employees of the chinese department present at the conference, the current-generation version will run at 30fps while the next-generation version will run at 60fps. Next-gen consoles (and PC) will support 64 players on MP, while current-gen consoles won’t be able to support such a feature (and will most likely feature 32 players battles).

DICE might also introduce an fps cap for the PC version which will run 100fps. The game apparently won’t be the recipient of a host of new features, however Battlefield 4 will support tessellation and dynamic lighting.

Battlelog will be improved, with stats integration being better than its ever been. Voice commands have also been confirmed, as well as Commander’s role in MP (with new tools and abilities). The game will take place in a Modern-day setting, with video-sharing becoming a mainstay. Yes, gamers will be able to share videos via Battlelog.

Cloud storage for stats and more have been confirmed, too.

Here’s the good bit: Battlefield, for the first time, will include female characters: Three factions will be playable – USA, Russia and China. Early demo video of the game was actually shown in that EA internal conference, the rumor claims.

This sounds fantastic, but remember it’s rumor-water, so drink sparingly.

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  • nick

    no way in hell next gen systems will be available next october.
    i dunno if its such a great idea to release these games on both current and next gen systems either.
    especially if the rumours and concerns are true and next gen systems arent really that much of a leap forward.
    people are going to be looking at this and saying is that all?
    its a bad idea to have a reference point because then customers can say well this is what the new console would be giving me, is that enough?
    your better off just leaving it as a next gen title, not that will happen because of MoHs promised beta access.
    still, they should release this as a next gen game to show off what the systems are capable of, having it on current systems only serves as a reason against next gen systems.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Ha. Dude PS4 and 720 are launching next year. There’s no doubt about it.

  • Ghost250

    ehh screw battlefield. there is way better games that should be supported than this regurgitated crap.

    - BioShock: Infinite
    - Tomb Raider
    - The Last Of Us
    - Aliens: Colonial Marines
    - God Of War: Ascension
    - Beyond: Two Souls


    btw i highly doubt that PS4 & 720 are coming out next year especially when games like watch dogs, star wars 1313, metal gear solid: ground zeroes are coming out for this gen. to be frank next gen isn’t really needed.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You guys wanna bet? I KNOW what I’m talking about.

  • Ghost250


  • Ernice Gilbert


  • Ghost250

    i was thinking a value meal from mcdonalds.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hahahahahahahahhahha :D Good one! LOL

  • Ghost250


  • nick

    whether there out next year or not is up for debate, whats not however is they certainly wont be out by october 23 like the article states!

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