Friday, August 29, 2014

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Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend Starts Today


EA and DICE will open up Battlefield 4 to a double XP weekend event starting today as part of their “Gamer Appreciation” initiative that’s been happening for a few days now, as they try to win back the goodwill of fans in light of Battlefield 4′s terrible state of multiplayer play. Read More »

Here’s Why Battlefield 4 Is So Buggy According To DICE Employee


There’s no game of the year award going to DICE’s Battlefield 4, not by a long shot. Maybe most bug-ridden and broken game of the year. That, the shooter stands the best chance among the crowd of winning. But why is the game so buggy? Well, I think there are many factors to consider. First, DICE didn’t have enough time ... Read More »