Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend Starts Today


EA and DICE will open up Battlefield 4 to a double XP weekend event starting today as part of their “Gamer Appreciation” initiative that’s been happening for a few days now, as they try to win back the goodwill of fans in light of Battlefield 4′s terrible state of multiplayer play. Read More »

Here’s Why Battlefield 4 Is So Buggy According To DICE Employee


There’s no game of the year award going to DICE’s Battlefield 4, not by a long shot. Maybe most bug-ridden and broken game of the year. That, the shooter stands the best chance among the crowd of winning. But why is the game so buggy? Well, I think there are many factors to consider. First, DICE didn’t have enough time ... Read More »

Law Firm Investigating EA On Alleged Fraudulent Sales Claim


Law Firm Holzer & Fistel sent out a press release announcing an investigation on statements issued by Electronic Arts and some of its executives between July 24th, 2013 and December 4th, 2013 about the development and sales Battlefield 4, and the game’s impact on the company’s revenue and future projects. Read More »