Saturday, July 26, 2014
Sponsored Video: Battlefield 4 And AXE Team Up, Love Happens

Sponsored Video: Battlefield 4 And AXE Team Up, Love Happens

This post is sponsored by EA and AXE: Usually when we think of Battlefield videos, big tanks, large landscapes, vehicular warfare and guns come to mind, but not in this video. No, this time, Love is all that happens.

EA and AXE have put together this lovely Battlefield/AXE trailer that sees opponents abandoning their tanks in the name of love. I guess it was the AXE colon or maybe the woman’s beauty – but whatever may the case, these two humanoids are in love. Because Love is all it takes, they claim, and by the look of things, I’d have to agree. Check out the video below.

So by what’s demonstrated in this video, one can tame their wild partner with AXE in the virtually world, but I wonder if the same phenomenon is a thing in the real world. I’ll have to try it myself. In fact, you could even win some swag by simply purchasing specially marked AXE at Walmart. Prizes include in-game content, Battlefield swag and even a trip to Germany!

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  • rpatricky

    Because EA stinks so damn much they had to get with AXE. Not helping.