Friday, September 5, 2014


Sponsored Video: New Dell Ultra Book Is A Monster Truck


This post is sponsored by Intel: The new Dell Ultra Book laptop is actually a Monster truck? Well no, not really. Instead, the video posted below is trying to paint a picture. One Intel hopes will convey the power of its new processor while keeping you interested in watching the full thing. And I must say it’s worked — at ... Read More »

Sponsored Video: Intel Tablet x Flume


This video is sponsored by Intel. Intel teams up with Flume to make a brand new Tablet, and the results are excellent, and imaginative. Forget about every Lady Gaga and Katy Perry out there — they’re done, in this video that shows how computers can also make music as good as you can make it, so let your imagination run ... Read More »

Sponsored Video: You Know What Works? Gas-X


This post is sponsored by Gas-X: There are more than one reasons why people get gas, but one of the most popular ways is when we fail to eat on time. For some people gas is a passing thing, lasting no longer than a few hours – but for others, it can last for years. No, seriously. Either ways though, we ... Read More »

Sponsored Video: Would You Buy Pizza Because Of A Video?

little ceasers

This post is sponsored by Little Caesars: Yes, the title asks a question that most would answer with an immediate no – but what if there was a commercial for a certain brand of pizza that was so compelling that you’d at least like to give the thing a try before outright rejecting it? We think you’re in the right place ... Read More »

Sponsored Video: There’s A Dragon Coming


This post is sponsored by Qualcomm: There’s a dragon coming, one so massive you’ll think that it’s something from the former world – and it must be!  When was the last time you saw a dragon? We thought so. At the movies, right? But a dragon is coming to save the day. Your day, your life indeed. Read More »