Sunday, June 2, 2013
Sponsored Video: Samsung Promotes Smart TV With Seductive Trailer

Sponsored Video: Samsung Promotes Smart TV With Seductive Trailer

It says you should “look, don’t touch”. Must-see TV, I reckon.

While Apple is yet building what’s reported to be called Apple TV, Samsung’s already leading the way, revealing its “Smart TV” brand as merely something you watch, never having to lift a finger to control it.

In the trailer, a hot model is seen making gestures to her Television as she browse through various channels and set the volume, but onlookers in the adjacent apartments, mainly guys, mistook the woman’s hand motions as cues to come over to her apartment. A stampede follows as they all rage across the streets for gold. Sadly for them, though, they were all wrong….except the pizza guy.

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  • nick

    LOL that is officially the stupidest add ive ever seen!
    i always said samsung would these types of motion based systems would make you look like a complete nut!
    though i think samsungs taken it a little too literally………

  • nick

    speaking of samsung i finally got my samsung galaxy S3 yesterday.
    and sadly, it just highlights why apple is kicking the crap out of the competition!
    the build quality on the S3 is fine, it does not feel poorly built or flimsy but it feels cheap.
    look at the vita and iphone 4, all 3 are made out of plastic.
    the 4 and vita feel and look premium, they look and feel like expensive high quality devices!
    the S3, well, let me give you my very first impressions.
    i opened the box, picked up the phone and the first words into my head were it feels like a dummy phone!
    thats how cheap and plasticy it feels.
    it feels like one of those cheap chineese knock off iphones apple was struggling with a few years ago.
    not exactly something you would expect from a NINE hundred dollar phone!

    so thats one end its sticking to the android stereotype, poor design.
    the other is apps.
    2 reasons why apple is kicking the crap out of the android market.
    1 the above said design quality and feel, and second is apps.
    every single time apple releases a new product THE DAY it comes out, not a week later, not a month later, THE DAY it comes out it has multiple games taking advantage of its extra hardware!
    the S3 though, well, 99.99% of games dont even work on it let alone use its extra hardware!
    come on samsung how can you release the worlds most powerful mobile device and not have N.O.V.A 3, the mobile benchmark, the uncharted 3 of mobile devices, available for it!?
    its like apple releasing the iphone 5 and saying sorry folks you cant play infinity blade on it!

    i really wish manufactures and google would stop with this stupidness!
    fix up the design quality for the love of god!
    a 900 dollar phone should feel and look like a 900 dollar phone!
    not a 400 dollar phone!
    than you need to fix the apps, come on how can you release the worlds most powerful mobile device and only have crappy kids games like uno available for it!?
    android has SO much potential out there!
    it has a much more user friendly open platform, and it really lets developers and customers do whatever they want!
    its such a open platform, its just a shame the quality is not there to back it up.
    no point telling a baby the world is your oyster, unless your going to send it to school!
    without education you might as well lock him up in a locker!

  • Ghost250

    might have been a stupid ad, but that chick was hot as hell

  • ttbounty

    Nick great info on the S3 but you should seriously do a review of it on the site.

    I know it is not a game but it can play games so Ernice should not mind

    My 2 cents

  • ttbounty

    Yep she was really hot

  • nick

    actually doing one now should be ready soon

  • nick

    if your interested in getting one though my advise would be 2 things.
    1 dont expect amazing AAA games to play on it now.
    there are a few but most are not compatible yet.
    they should be eventually but a patch may take days, weeks, months, its up to samsung and the devs.
    2 get your name down NOW!
    its the highest selling phone ATM allot of stores are sold out and are taking rain checks for not the next order, not the one after that, but the third order.
    a friend of mine was in the city today and was told he would not be able to get one till end of july!

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