Friday, January 30, 2015
DICE: Next Gen Belongs To Sony

DICE: Next Gen Belongs To Sony

Console wars, even devs love it.

That’s right, Battlefield 4’s lead core gameplay designer has already picked his winner for the upcoming generation of consoles, and that’s Sony. He tweeted, without mincing tweets, that next gen, often referred to by the development community as Gen 4, is Sony’s game.

Another respected developer and the man credited for creating the FPS genre, John Carmack, chose to remain neutral for the time being, saying that both consoles are very powerful.


From what we know, however, PS4 is 50 percent more powerful than Xbox One. Hit the link for more info on that.

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  • dink

    Power figures etc don’t interest me. Looks don’t interest me. What I want is a decent GAMES machine. Waving my arms around to control what is on the tv or speaking to the thing doesn’t appeal either. I don’t wish to pay more than I do now for xbox live and I don’t want adverts on the screen.

    If any manufacturer goes down a route other than making a GAMES machine, they’re on a loser.

    From what I have heard about the x-box one so far does not impress me in the slightest. When I watched the broadcast, there was not a single moment when I thought, oh, that’s cool.
    It was a major disappointment and a total let down. My heart sank. I wont be buying it.

    What I think would be a real winner, is some sort of 3D environment. I don’t mean a 3D tv. I mean some kind of immersive device like a pod you sit in, or a type of projector that projected the games images all around you in the room you are playing in.

    Also, I think if instead of using the hand held controller with joysticks and buttons on it, some sort of gun that you could point at the tv and shoot with (like the old arcade games) would be a real winner. The gun could be changed into a pistol or a sniper or machine gun or ray gun thing, or whatever, with different attachments. Let’s face it, the biggest selling games tend to be some sort of shooter don’t they.