Thursday, August 21, 2014
Mark Cerny: PS4 Does Not Require Internet Connection To Play Games

Mark Cerny: PS4 Does Not Require Internet Connection To Play Games

So no signing in every 24 hrs or so to “validate” a game. If that’s the case, then there’s no used game-blocking DRM either and Sony will give publishers the option to block the games they publish if said publishers so choose.

It was PS4′s chief architect who cleared up the situation with Spanish newspaper El Mundo (as spotted and translated by NeoGAF), making known that PS4 isn’t a permanent connected system in the sense of needing to authenticate the system online on a regular basis. He did say, however, that the console will be better enjoyed when connected to the internet.

When asked if the console would need  to be connected in a permanent way, Cerny said:

PlayStation 4 is not a permanent connection system in that sense, but the experience is much richer if you are connected. You will have access to digital content and the updates for your games, along with a wide range of social functions: upload videos and screenshots, see your friends play and interact with them in various ways within the games.

To be clear, Mark Cerny’s confirmation is nothing new, this whole thing became an issue because of what Microsoft has revealed about Xbox One. Case in point: back in March, Sony’s senior VP of worldwide studios Michael Denny told OPM that:

Playstation 4 can still be enjoyed old school without an Internet connection at all.

So this is old news. Old news that, in the wake of Xbox One’s DRM requirements, is quite refreshing.

So there you have it. PS4 does not require an internet connection in order to work, but it’ll provide a richer experience (obviously), once connected.

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