Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Microsoft Praises Sony’s Indie Efforts

Microsoft Praises Sony’s Indie Efforts

The words ‘Microsoft, ‘praises’ and ‘Sony’ certainly don’t appear together often, but one Microsoft executive, who was once a high-ranking employee at Sony, has praised the electronics company for its efforts in the independent development community, and promised that Microsoft would be a strong player in said market too.

“I’m pretty proud of the work that we’ve done digitally over the last three to four years on Xbox 360,” Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer told OXM. “Games like Castle Crashers, Limbo and Terraria right now – that game’s pretty fun. I do think it’s about quality in the end, managing our bandwidth and what we’re going to work on.”

He added:

I think Sony’s done a nice job of this. If you look over the last two years or so in that digital space. Journey was a fantastic game. I thought they did a really nice job and, you know, as a portfolio manager, it’s my job to figure out what you’re going to focus on – is it really going to matter when it comes out?

Here’s to hoping Microsoft earnestly puts its hands out to help the indie community, as such a move would only help the Xbox One.

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