Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Sponsored Video: There’s A Dragon Coming

Sponsored Video: There’s A Dragon Coming

This post is sponsored by Qualcomm: There’s a dragon coming, one so massive you’ll think that it’s something from the former world – and it must be!  When was the last time you saw a dragon? We thought so. At the movies, right? But a dragon is coming to save the day. Your day, your life indeed.

We’re lying, the dragon is small – no, tiny. But faster than any bird you’ve seen. It’s also smarter, too, and more advanced. It can multitask and doesn’t lose power – I’m talking about Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processor for phones. Yes, that dragon is coming to your phone.

The trailer for this thing is very fun to watch, and we believe very clever. It starts off like a movie, pulls you in, then surprises at the end.

Quench it below:

Snapdragon, according to Qualcomm, “has the most important components integrated into a single chip. This “Snapdragon city” of interconnectivity inside every device allows it to communicate quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, ensures your smartphone can run laps around your friends’ phones. Check out this video to see the “city” inside Snapdragon powered devices.”

Mobile processors are required to process huge amounts of information quickly and without the use of a fan, therefore some become really, really hot. That heat is battery life and processing power wasting away. But unlike some other brands, Snapdragon processors are designed with thermal efficiency as a priority. This means you can depend on not only a device being cool, but also longer battery life as a result and and overall better experience.

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