Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Bungie’s Destiny Will Look Good On All Platforms

Bungie’s Destiny Will Look Good On All Platforms

Although Destiny is coming to PS4 and the next Xbox, Bungie promises to deliver a game that looks really good on all platforms.

That’s according to Bungie’s design director Joseph Statenm, speaking to X360 Magazine:

Any time you get your hands on new hardware you’re going to try and take advantage of everything it has to offer. I know coming up at E3 we’ll be talking more about the specific features, but just like with any hardware leap, absolutely, we’re going to push this game as far [as] it can be pushed on whatever platform.

It’s going to look great on PS3, it’ll look awesome on 360, and it’ll look great on PS4 as well. You can bet that no matter where we are, we’re going to make the game look great.

Bungie could say what it wants, but I’m sure Destiny will look better on PS4 and the next Xbox than it will on current-gen consoles. Don’t you?

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  • Wolf1888

    Well he’s not saying that the game will “look the same”, he’s just saying that it will still look really great. Of course it will be better on next gen consoles, or else, there is something somewhere they clearly failed on that part. If the games look the same on current and next gen, that would mean they barely used the power next gen is offering.

  • rock crusher

    how about the wii u , there will be more wii u sold than ps4s by time this game comes out, and nintendo fans will eat this game up