Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Sponsored Video: Intel Tablet x Flume

Sponsored Video: Intel Tablet x Flume

This video is sponsored by Intel. Intel teams up with Flume to make a brand new Tablet, and the results are excellent, and imaginative.

Forget about every Lady Gaga and Katy Perry out there — they’re done, in this video that shows how computers can also make music as good as you can make it, so let your imagination run free! In a clever video, Intel showcases how their big array of tablets come together to create a unique tune, in collaboration with Flume. As the video goes on, more and more instruments come together and join in the fun started by Intel’s tablets, further showing how you can have fun with your tablet in many more ways than one.

Used by everyone, from authors and musicians to artists and simple place-goers, you can do anything on it. Launch your favorite website and read or watch what you love, and if you’re tired of it, why not switch to your favorite show or play a video game? Did you just see a good deal? Why not just visit the virtual shop and grab the product? Getting a tablet for one use is but the start, as you’ll find more and more to do with it down the road.Whatever it is you have in mind for your tablet, from casually browsing through the internet endlessly, or writing your book, or composing your music virtually, you can rely on Intel having you covered with its powerful processors giving their tablets an edge. You can do virtually anything you want on them! They’re powerful and reliant to the point you can use them even as a business tool, entertainment source, a social networking device, a travel companion for those long days away from home. You set the limit.

For more on them, visit Intel’s Tablets Product Page, Youtube, Behind the Scenes: Making of the Video and Facebook to take a more detailed look at Intel’s great products!

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