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By Christos Chatzisavvas, October 11, 2012 2 Playstation network, PlayStation Vita, PS Vita, PS3, PSN, Sony

Tweet Sony revealed a redesigned Playstation Store today, which not only looks like a brand new beast, but also functions a whole lot differently — and better for the users. The user interface is broken into sections for games, TV… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, October 1, 2012 1 Hot, Oddworld, Oddworld Inhabitants, Playstation network, PS Vita

Tweet Oddworld Inhabitants have announced the remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, subtitled “New ‘N’ Tasty”. Unveiled at the Eurogamer Expo, the game has complete 3D graphics, but plays like its Playstation One and PC counterpart, from 1997 and 2001 respectively…. Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, September 25, 2012 9 Hot, Playstation network, PS3, PSN, Sony

Tweet Brand new games usually cost 60$, but Sony is here to change that. You can buy Dishonored, NBA 2k13, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and more for 54$. And not just that; for example, Doom 3 BFG Edition will… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, August 23, 2012 1 News, Playstation network, PS3, PSN

Tweet Double Fine’s very first game, the cult classic Psychonauts, will be released on the PSN as a PS2 Classic on August 28th. Originally launched back in 2005, on Xbox and Playstation 2, its sales were too bad to warrant… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, August 15, 2012 0 News, Playstation network, PlayStation Vita, PS Vita, PS3

Tweet Sony just announced that the legendary, clever RPG from the PSOne days will be joining the PSN Store PSOne Classics lineup. That, coupled with the announcement that the patch for PSOne Classics support is coming to the Vita soon,… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, August 14, 2012 9 News, Playstation network, PS Vita, PS3, PSN, Sony

Tweet Sony talked about their Playstation Plus service during their GamesCom conference, and revealed very interesting information on their future plans with it. First off, the cloud storage is increasing considerably, from 150MB to 1GB.  Then, we have the news… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, August 14, 2012 1 News, Playstation network, PS3, Sony, Sony Japan Studio

Tweet Sony’s Japan Studio revealed two new, interesting IP’s during Playstation’s GamesCom conference. Both are interesting, PSN titles, true to the spirit the Japanese developers have kept throughout their games. Rain involves a young boy, who chases an invisible girl… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, August 14, 2012 2 Playstation network, PlayStation Vita, PS Vita, PS3, Sony

Tweet As done hours ago with EA’s conference, we will be covering Sony’s conference from Germany’s Cologne, at GamesCom. A timestamp will be placed over each message for easier reference and understanding of the flow. Be sure to refresh your… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, July 27, 2012 3 News, Playstation network, PS3, PSN, Rockstar, Rockstar Games, Sony

Tweet In 4 days from now (well, at least here), on Tuesday anyway, you will be able to get your hands on the first 3D Grand Theft Auto game, the one that served as the template for all subsequent Grand… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, July 25, 2012 0 Playstation network, PS3, Sony

Tweet In an interview with 11 Bit Studios‘ Paweł Miechowski, the company confirmed that the strategy game named Anomaly: Warzone Earth will be hitting Playstation Network before the summer’s end. The game plays like a “tower offense” title, where you… Read More »

First Look – 40K: Kill Team

By Joseph Garrett, July 14, 2011 0 First Look, Playstation network, THQ, Video Thirst, Xbox Live

Tweet Warhammer 40,000: Kill team is a fast-paced arcade shooter that is available on the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. While fans of the Warhammer franchise look to get the most enjoyment from this title it is still… Read More »

Today’s PSN Maintenance Has Been Postponed

By Joshua Tompkins, May 31, 2011 4 News, Playstation network, PS3

Tweet We will be able to enjoy playing some online games today because the maintenance that was scheduled for today has been postponed. Sony released word early today, but they gave no word of why or when the maintenance will… Read More »

PSN Service Returning To Asia Tomorrow!

By Joshua Tompkins, May 27, 2011 3 News, Playstation network

Tweet While many parts of the world have been enjoying the return of PSN, Asia has still been feeling the affects of PSN withdrawl. This will all change tomorrow for the PSN will finally be restored to them. Not only… Read More »

5 Things To Do With The PS3 While Playstation Network Is Undergoing “Maintenance”

By Dean Kent, April 22, 2011 11 Humour, Playstation network, PS3

Tweet With the Playstation Network down, we all thought it would be a good idea to point out the other uses for the little black paper weight..Ahem.. I mean Playstation 3.