Sunday, January 25, 2015
Alundra comes to the PSN Store

Alundra comes to the PSN Store

Sony just announced that the legendary, clever RPG from the PSOne days will be joining the PSN Store PSOne Classics lineup. That, coupled with the announcement that the patch for PSOne Classics support is coming to the Vita soon, is enough to excite us. Having such an RPG in your pocket, to play any time you want, is a small wonder.

A small description of the game, from the Playstation Blog:

Alundra is a game about dreams, control, loss, and redemption. The title character has the ability to enter the dreams of people and see what lurks in their unconscious. When he washes up on the shore of Inoa Village after a freak storm destroys the ship he was on, a kind Blacksmith takes him in to heal. Before long, it’s clear that something is wrong in Inoa and Alundra uses his special ability to enter the minds of the tortured villagers to save them from… well, that’s something you best discover for yourself.

Alundra’s level design is unique in that the overworld is a kind of hub and the player alternates between real dungeons that hold secrets and treasures, and the dungeons in the minds of the tortured souls he meets in Inoa. That design lends a very special rhythm to the gameplay that I haven’t experienced with any other game.

Fans have called Alundra the PlayStation’s Zelda, and I really can’t fault that tag. The game has all the Zelda-isms down – challenging gameplay, great level design and amazing puzzles. Plus, it has the charm and backstory of a Landstalker (the spiritual successor, right?) and cool animations to boot. But the place where Alundra arguably trumps Zelda is with the breadth and depth of its dark and detailed storyline that starts off sounding like carbon copy of one of the Link games, but soon blasts off into the stratosphere, leaving that children’s story in the dust.

Are you excited that more and more great PSOne titles are joining the roster, and that you will also be able to play them on your Vita within the month?

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