Playstation Store update coming October 17, looks sweet


Sony revealed a redesigned Playstation Store today, which not only looks like a brand new beast, but also functions a whole lot differently — and better for the users.

The user interface is broken into sections for games, TV and movies on the front page, while the whole concept will revolve around a “Hero”; doing away with the old, Playstation-themed background, and putting high-profile stars like Connor from Assassin’s Creed or Shepard from Mass Effect in that space instead. Good news for people with no HD TV’s is that everything scales, so you won’t have any quirky experiences of that type.

Pages will scroll from left to right, on what Sony describes as a “carousel setup”, which puts more of the store’s content within easy reach as the user moves through scrolling pages. What’s interesting is that the “Search” function will also get big changes, becoming “smart”. People will be able to search much easier for what they want, as each letter typed in the form will reduce the amount of content found, and will also cover mispellings and abbreviations — you can search for “MW3″ or “asasins creed” and get what you were looking for. Filtering has also been improved, now making it possible to show by content type, by price and even by peripheral support.

“What will be refreshing to customers is that this will represent a new agile programme that will enable us to add new content every month or so, rather than dumping the new content and saying we’re done”, quoting PS Store product development manager, Elliot Dumville.

PS Vita and PSP will have two separate catalogues, too. Dumville explained that the vast majority of PS Store users browse by PS3 content, and this function will help each one search for what they’re looking for way easier. But, the search function will still return results for content across all platforms.

Dumville also showed off grouped content, which brings together all content for any given title in one place, with links to demos, full games, DLC and themes. When searching for Black Ops, for example, you will see related screenshots, links to a demo and recommendations to other Call of Duty games.

Movie content works in a very similar way to all mentioned above, and continues the same “Hero” concept applies here.

The redesigned PS Store will be launched on all regions in which PS Store is currently available, starting next week, on Wednesday October 17 in PAL regions, leaving the US launch a bit later, on Tuesday October 23.

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2 Comments on "Playstation Store update coming October 17, looks sweet"

  1. TheGrimOfDeath October 11, 2012 at 12:50 pm -

    Not really digging the new look, but if it is faster than the old PSN then that’s great.

  2. nick October 12, 2012 at 5:09 am -

    been begging for a PSN redesign for ages now!
    now all we need is a XMB redesign and the ps3 would have FINALLY entered the 20th century!

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