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Press Release

The first ever Gamer Drink simply named Games Thirst is being introduced to the gaming
community by video games website

The world has over 1 billion people who play video games on various platforms ranging
from mobile devices like iPad and iPhone, to Social Networks like Facebook and Google Plus,
and dedicated machines like PCs and Home Consoles. For three years, longtime gamer
Ernice Gilbert has operated, bringing news to millions of gamers. One year
ago, he identified a need that hasn’t been met: a beverage for gamers, and after extensive
research, Games Thirst: The Official Gamer Drink was forged. It will meet that need.

“It’s a known fact that virtually everyone play games,” says Gilbert. “Be it on a cell phone,
iPad, PC or consoles, there are over 1 billion gamers worldwide. But here’s the issue: sports
fans have Gatorade and Powerade, yet gamers, one of the fastest growing demographics in any industry, do not have a drink to call our own. That’s a problem we intended to solve, and that’s how Games Thirst: The Official Gamer Drink was born.”

“It didn’t hurt that our website is named gamesthirst and we base all our content on the premise of quenching gamers thirst,” he added.

Gilbert began researching the beverage and gaming industries, and after a full year of studying demographics, collecting data and asking questions, he decided the time was right.

“Throughout last year, I did a lot of research, asked questions, studied the beverage industry, studied the gaming industry, consulted with family and explained the whole thing to the Games Thirst team,” he said. “Virtually everyone liked the idea because they saw the need, and after some hard work, the drink is here… Well, almost. We’ve forged a brilliantly-tasting drink with a mix of ingredients we believe represent the gamer culture in a true way. We need now to formulate the drink, promote it and form distribution ties.”

About Drink

Gaming is an activity in which focus and concentration are key. For example, when playing first person shooters, enemy fire can hit you at anytime from any direction, therefore your mind must be sharp. The FPS genre is one example, but the same thing goes for RPGs, Action-Adventure, Fighters, Platformers and almost any other genre, focus and concentration are key to a successful gaming experience.

Because of this, Games Thirst: The Official Gamer Drink will include functions of energy, mind focus, general wellbeing, vitamins and electrolytes.

Labeling will be as per USA standards, bottling in USA Plastic in 16oz bottles.

Color of Drink is Golden/Orange (subject to change).

Drink will be formulated at Parkside Beverage , located in Leesport PA.


Games Thirst drinks will be sold in local U.S. retail outlets, and online at on Amazon. We’re hoping to build relationships with local and international gaming retail outlets where the drinks will be sold. GameStop and HMV UK for example. In fact, the more funds that’s raised, the better the prospects of seeing Games Thirst in outlets in various parts of the world.


Games Thirst will go into contract with Parkside Beverage based in Pennsylvania and per contract bindings, the project, from start to finish, should take 2-4 months which includes all necessary steps leading to its completion.

“In June, I’m hoping to travel to E3 and bring at least 200 samples with me so gamers can taste the drink,” Ernice said, adding, “I’m also hoping to have short meetings with executives of Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar and all other major game companies in the industry to forge meaningful partnerships, and because of your help, all this can be accomplished without the involvement of massive firms influencing the direction we take the drink.

By this, we’re trying to make Games Thirst: The Official Gamer Drink ubiquitous in the industry and synonymous with it. We’re hoping to join with these publishers and more to include codes on the bottle top of the Games Thirst drinks for big games like Assassin’s Creed III, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter and of course, the next Call of Duty. These codes could include anything from a weapon that you’d otherwise have to play lots of hours to unlock, skins, and other forms of great content.”