Saturday, September 6, 2014
Apple Enters The Games Business, Patents Game Controller (Update)

Apple Enters The Games Business, Patents Game Controller (Update)

Apple, long known for disrupting and then dominating industries, has finally made its foray into the games industry. This is not good news for the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

UPDATE: The patent involves Apple devices mimicking the functions of existing game controllers to be used in their stead, and not a controller Apple would create itself. Sorry for the confusion.

Original Story: Although the Cupertino, California-based company hasn’t made any official announcements, patents filed back in March, and published today, reveal a holy grail of information. The patent, seen here, shows not only patents of a game controller, but also how it’ll work with Apple TV and all other Apple products, including its phones, iPods etc. It seems to me the firm’s looking to interconnect all its devices, so doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll be able to access your content, including FIG. 6 of the patent, which “is a schematic of a video game controller for the standalone media player of FIG. 4 or a video game system”.

FIG. 4 is an Apple TV, which could easily become a video games console with an upgrade, and can already can play iOS games over airplay. Futurists have already predicted games being played on a TV as opposed to a videogames console a la PS3 and Xbox 360. Imagine what could happen if we don’t have to wait 6-7 years to get a decent hardware upgrade for games.

As stated earlier, the controller can also connect to an iPhone/iPod Touch and although the iPad is not in the patent drawings, I believe it’ll also be compatible. Connection is shown to be wireless, using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and NFC tags, as opposed to the cable depicted in the drawings.

Here’s the thing, if Apple makes its rumored Apple TV gaming-ready with a controller to boot, and if it has the prowess to stand against whatever Sony and Microsoft will show, this industry we love so much will change forever.

Back in May, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “Customers love games. I’m not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming. But Apple is a big player today and things in the future will only make that bigger.”

This might just be the beginning of something disruptive.

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  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Am I the only one who despises Apple and their “progressive” products? They’re mostly over-priced and equal or worse than something else you can get with the same money. But it’s the Apple logo that sells.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “But it’s the Apple logo that sells.” Th’at portion is true, but that’s because they’ve built a reputation of putting out quality products, closed as they might be…


    Thing is, if Apple can launch the rumored Apple TV that’s compatible with a videogame controller that plays games equivalent to what PS4 and 720 will be able to play, the games industry will never, ever be the same.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I like apple because of the quality and the OS. I have owned many windows based computers and they always crash due to cheap parts or software issues. I have owned my MacBook pro for 4 years now and have never had a problem with. I have not had to replace the battery or anything. It has been a great sturdy machine. The only thing I have changed is updating the OS. I always get the argument about the price and power but in the end, it is about the quality and so far, apple has offered me the best quality.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    ^^ This.

  • benzo

    I hate Apple. They charge and arm and a leg for their products and accessories. Their s**t has issues just like every other consumer product. Just like people cling to their 360s and ps3s like they never fail,but in reality everything fails eventually. I doubt most people keep their Apple products too long because they release a new Ithing every year. And folks run to buy it just because its the new Apple product. They can release Apple TV with games and whatnot if they want. People who fox with I stuff for games arent gonna want to pony up real $$ for games. They are used to playing less that $10 for a game. Good luck pulling that off. I think Apple getting into the home console race would suck. They would get in, then sue anybody who makes a product similar to theirs….just look at the Nexus tablet stuff going on. Like I said…I HATE Apple and that may slant my view,but people have to admit…they really stick it to the consumers with their prices for accessories and yearly releases with a few tweeks. Im done now.

  • benzo

    I agree with EG that the industry will never ever be the same,but thats not a good thing. Just look at how the Wii and the casual race negatively effected the industry. Shovelware, core audiences being ignored,the overhyped underpreforming Kinect,and the copycat Move. All those $$$ could have been used from better game engines,new IPS,and better funded studios. I just dont see anything good coming from Apple busting in on the home console business.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    Every company does yearly, slightly tweaked machines. I think people who go out and purchase these yearly releases are total idiots. Like I said above, I have owned my MacBook pro for 4 years and just update my OS. I have also owned the same iPod for 4 years. I will not buy any new electronic device unless I feel the new tech is worth it. I will be upgrading to a new computer soon, because of new tech. Their accessories are overpriced sometimes and that is why I wait for sales or off brand. Quality wise, I have not found a better product for the buck and I have owned a lot of different computer brands.

  • benzo

    Bubble busting time…check it out. Read the article and skimmed the actual patent. This guy is correct…

  • afrotravis

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  • benzo

    DAMN YOU AND YOUR SENSIBLE RESPONSES JOSHUA TOMPKINS!!! LOL just kidding man. You found something that you like and it works for you so I’m all for that. Consumers like you are smart. I just dont like the hipster douchebag that gets the new “I”thingy and waves it around like its the original copy of the Magna Carta! But I really appreciate the insight as to why you like your Apple products, civil conversation at its best.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    Lol benzo. I totally agree. I hate those guys. They are the people who give apple a bad image but at the same time, they drive new apple product sales. They act like they are holding the next savior of the world. I like windows based products as well and computers from other companies, but prefer apple for reasons. It is what I love about having so many electronic companies. There is something that works for everyone. I just hate it when people become so obsessive over a company or product they dish out loads of cash for the same product every year. It not only makes the person look like a pretentious douche but also reflects bad on the company they love. When the new iPad came out, I wanted to go down to my local apple store and slap some sense into the idiots waiting in line for 24 hrs to buy practically the same product they were playing on while waiting. Lol.

  • Mezzo

    I like Apple’s product, they’re good, i mean Apple is the industry leader for a reason. But they have got to stop charging a Dollar for a Nickels worth.

  • nick

    apples products are so expensive for 2 reasons.
    1 they have so many blind sheep that would pay a billion dollars for a ipad!
    they charge so much because they can!
    but some of that reason is because there built so well!
    take apart a macbook compare to a HP, or a ASUS or whatever windows machine and you will see why there allot more expensive.
    as the saying goes you get what you pay for!
    as for the patent, and apple entering the industry when can we get over this?
    there have been SO many rumours for oh so long, and it STILL has not happened!
    when can we put it to bed?

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    I am not a big fan of Apple’s products and the fact that they may be developing a console pisses me off. God help us….here come the Apple fanboys.

  • linglingjr

    I hate apple as well. If they were every to release a console there is NO way it would disrupt the big 3. I think they know that, so they wouldn’t waste time building one. It would bring in near enough profit for their greedy little “I own more money than the government” ways.