Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Google Developing Android-Based Gaming Console – Report


Sources are claiming that Google is currently developing an Android-based videogames console to be released later this year, as the company has received word that Apple is planning to launch a console of its own. Google also hgas plans to release a smart watch to combat what’s expected to be a soon unveiling of Apple’s own wrist efforts. Read More »

American McGee’s OZombie


American McGee, the founder of Spicy Horse studio and creator of Alice, want’s to make an Oz game, but “Everything hinges on what sort of deal we can get in place with EA (for Alice),” says McGee on OZombie’s Facebook page. As McGee’s’ aforementioned statement above states, if they can get the license situation squared away with EA than they’ll work on Alice: Otherlands. However, if things don’t work out with EA McGee plans on green-lighting OZombie. “Actually, ... Read More »