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These Are The Top Five PS3 Exclusives

by Joseph Garrett on July 11th, 2011, under PS3, Sony, Top 5, Video Thirst

The Playstaion 3 has an impressive lineup of exclusive titles. This is great for Playstaion 3 owners but made my life extremely difficult when I had to pick just 5 to include is this weeks top 5. I managed it though, so here is Games Thirst’s top 5 Playstation 3 exclusive games.

Thinking Of Abandoning Gaming? Play These Five Games Before You Leave

Gaming. The best pass time ever. You’ll never get bored enjoying the countless experiences available in said entertainment form. You like shooting people? We have shooters. Rather haunt treasures you say? Try Uncharted. How about taking the battle to another galaxy? Halo’s you game. And maybe you rather the good ole platformers, and that’s where Mario comes in.

The industry’s innovated too. Now you can enjoy motion gaming with Wii, PS Move and the revolutionary Kinect, and if you’re still seeking more immersion, Sony’s leading the 3D gaming front. It’s a never-ending joyride with gaming, and as long as I live, I can’t see myself quiting.

But maybe you’re tired. Maybe the big companies like Activision and EA’s gotten to you, proving your suspicions that they only care about the bottom line. You hate the fact that COD is released on a yearly basis, and the fact EA’s joined the train with Battlefield: Bad Company doesn’t help either.

You’re also tired of the fanboy wars that rage on incessantly, and finally you’re tired of Pachter’s lies.

We at Games Thirst understand, and since this is a free country, no one can tell you what to do. You want to quit gaming forever, then do it. But if you’d give us just about 200 word count, we’d give you five games your must play before you leave. It’s like the last kiss before you wife boards a plane, or the last dance before prom night’s over. It’s the water Jesus turned into wine at a wedding ceremony, and the honey at the bottom of the hive.

Before you leave, play these five games.

A GamesThirst Original: MGS4 Reviewed 2 Years Later

What would it take to convince you that some video games, in many ways give a more compelling experience than many Hollywood films? I hope you’re not easily convinced; after all, some of the most enthralling experiences of our time came courtesy of the big screen. Think Titanic, The Count Of Monte Cristo, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Lord of The Rings and more recently Kirk Cameron’s Avatar.

You’d face a barrage of push back if you dare conclude the video games industry was on the same level, and be stoned to death if you implied the former’s better than the latter. Thing is, I too would disagree with you on both fronts. The video game industry is still far off when compared to Hollywood in terms of entertainment and widespread appeal, and I’d definitely have to say no to your assertion that it’s doing better than Hollywood. I would agree though, if you said sometimes.

Because sometimes, the work that’s produced from game developers, small and big, put some of Hollywood’s best to shame. Sometimes, the art derived from the gaming industry is just hard to ignore. It’ll take me only seconds to conjure up the fond memories on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, or Mass Effect 2. It takes me less than a second for my eyes to close and open up again, and even less time to think of stellar work such as Final Fantasy VII or even X.

Many more titles stand in line waiting to do battle with Hollywood for “work of the year”, but there’s one game that has set a standard, a standard set so high that, in many ways, it’s the Titanic of the gaming industry.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots is that game. Warning: Spoilers Incoming.