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By Baran Altuncu, November 14, 2012 0 Activision, Bioware, EA, PC

Tweet Just yesterday it was revealed that,the highly praised , Black Ops 2 had a major issue on PC. Apparently the PC retail version the game, on disk 2, would give gamers a prompt to auto-run Mass Effect 2.

By Ernice Gilbert, November 12, 2012 1 Bioware, EA, News

Tweet The two men who founded Bioware are no longer at the studio, but EA has promised to respect past Mass Effect games as they gear up for Mass Effect 4. The publisher just revealed that the upcoming RPG will… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, November 2, 2012 0 Bioware, EA, Microsoft, Sony

Tweet With the package just days away, we thought we should make a list of what’s inside. Mass Effect is one of the best franchises to grace this generation of gaming, so if you haven’t bought any (or some) of… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, October 25, 2012 0 Bioware, EA

Tweet Thor and I Am Legend screenplay writer Mark Protosevich is no longer working with Legendary Entertainment on the Mass Effect film. Website Variety reports that Mark Protosevich has been replaced by newcomer Morgan Davis Foehl. Foehl is a self-admitted… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, October 13, 2012 0 Bioware, EA

Tweet Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC is to be the biggest BioWare has ever done for the franchise, and one of their biggest overall, according to Mike Gamble. “Omega’s our latest piece of DLC,” said Mass Effect 3 producer Mike… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, October 4, 2012 0 Bioware, EA, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Tweet Another free multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 has just been announced by BioWare, and it packs quite a lot of new stuff.

By Ernice Gilbert, September 28, 2012 4 Bioware, EA, News

Tweet An ex-Bioware developer has shed some light on Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk’s decision to leave BioWare and the games industry, claiming that they simply couldn’t handle the pressure any longer.

By Christos Chatzisavvas, September 25, 2012 1 Bioware, EA

Tweet The DLC mission, Omega, which is to release later this fall, has allegedly some new information tied to it. And the source of that information was the game disc. We’ve seen that before with Leviathan and From Ashes, so… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, September 18, 2012 5 Bioware, EA, News

Tweet Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced they’re retiring from BioWare, the company they founded, with each posting a blog giving reasons for their departure.

By Christos Chatzisavvas, August 15, 2012 0 Bioware, EA, News

Tweet BioWare announced that the latest DLC for Mass Effect 3, Leviathan, will be released on August 28 on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The single-player, downloadable content involves Shepard and company waking up an inactive Reaper, as… Read More »

By Christos Chatzisavvas, July 31, 2012 3 Bioware, EA, News, PC, Star Wars

Tweet As was foreseeable, Star Wars: The Old Republic will go free to play eventually, with, of course, some restrictions over subscribed users applying. EA said today that BioWare’s latest MMORPG will be available this August for 15$, with the… Read More »

By Saint123q, March 13, 2012 0 Bioware, EA, Rumor

Tweet An image posted on Reddit shows what appears to be some new DLC multiplayer characters for BioWare’s Mass Effect 3. The Image, posted by Reddit user “Chachoregar” shows new multiplayer character classes; Batarian Soldier, Geth Infiltrator, Geth Engineer, Katarian… Read More »

By Saint123q, February 27, 2012 2 Bioware, EA, News, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Tweet EA has revealed that pre-order numbers for Mass Effect 3 are “well ahead” of those for Mass Effect 2 at the same point before release. EA Product Manager, Will Graham announced that pre-orders for ME3 are well ahead of… Read More »

By Saint123q, February 3, 2012 3 Bioware, EA, News, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Tweet On March 6, Mass Effect 3 will ship for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, marking the end of Commander Shepard’s trilogy in the space-bound role-playing series. However, the franchise may live on. Speaking to OXM, Mass Effect… Read More »

By Saint123q, February 2, 2012 0 Bioware, EA, News, PC

Tweet Say what you will about MMO players, but you can’t accuse them of being shy when it comes to providing feedback. Visit any game’s official forum – especially right after a patch is released – and you’ll see thread… Read More »