Sunday, September 7, 2014
Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Is 45 Minutes Long, And It’s “Appalling”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Is 45 Minutes Long, And It’s “Appalling”

Don’t waste your money on this one, critics say.

PS Vita enthusiasts were hoping that Black Ops: Declassified would be PS Vita’s killer app, but reviewers across the board are singing the same song, and it’s not a harmony Sony, nor Activision would like to hear.

The reviewers claim Black Ops: Declassified is only 45 minutes long, with 10 single-player missions which can be completed “in about three to four minutes each”.

In fact, the only reason it took Pocket Gamer 45 minutes to complete was because of some brutally unforgiving levels, so if you’re really good at it, you’d probably complete the shooter in 30 minutes. A shame, we say.

Said GameInformer, scoring the game 3/10:

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified is appalling. In dramatic fashion, it completely fails to live up to the high bar of quality gamers expect from the Call of Duty name. It’s also a discouraging sign for gamers like me who shelled out $250 for a Vita in the hopes of console-quality experiences on handheld. I can’t recommend Declassified to anyone; casual FPS players and Call of Duty fans alike will recognize the train wreck Nihilistic Software has developed.

Giant Bomb gave it a 1/5, concluding:

The game is also plagued with a handful of technical issues. Multiplayer matches are often hard to connect to, and if you’re connecting to what Sony refers to as a “Type 3″ NAT, attempting to select the multiplayer menu at all simply pops up an “Insufficient NAT” message, preventing you from playing the multiplayer mode at all. Menus sometimes seem to freeze up for seconds at a time, preventing you from making a selection and moving forward. Joining multiplayer games often sends you back to the main menu instead of into a game. And the game can get caught in some sort of loop that causes it to pop up a wireless network error message over the single-player action without actually pausing the action. The game’s already seen one patch, which put in an Ad Hoc multiplayer mode, but it’s in need of more.

So it’s a bad game on its own, but the technical issues really twist the knife already buried in Declassified’s dark heart. Allow me to remind you that this game is $50. Do not buy this game for $50.

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  • Baran Altuncu

    The game should have just focused on Multiplayer and Hostiles. And they should have added a small zombies map too. I think if they patch the game to support 10 Players on MP and patch a small zombies map too it would be a great COD game. I mean I don’t want to play SP on my school bus, I WANT ZOMBIES!

    Oh yeah Ernice go check out Facebook. :P

  • narwall14

    hahaha i knew this game was not going to sell peaches like the console version.Take note PORT THE REAL GAME lol

  • Baran Altuncu

    @narwall, I think the game looks just Okay, not great, but okay. Heard the MP was above standards and Hostile was awesome. But SP is just utter crap. I think I might get this instead of NFS: MW because of the MP.

  • nick

    just another nail in the vitas coffin!
    its so disappointing how poorly $ony is handling this, i mean if your going to co publish a game, especially for such a big franchise at least put some freaking effort into it!
    first unit 13, than resistance burning skies, than AC liberation, and now this.
    whats next, bioshock?
    come on $ony, if your going to bring big name franchises over to the vita than please for the love of god put half decent developers onto them!
    its your platform, so start taking some bloody respectability and have a sense of decency!
    its your platform, you choose what goes onto the vita and what does not, so from now on if a publisher comes to you and says were going to do a COD game for the vita, its going to have the worst development studio in the industry, and is only getting 6 months of development time, you show them the door!
    you really think the vita is going to survive the mobile onslaught with this shovel ware crap!?
    my freaking iphone has better games than this, AND they cost 1 5th the price!
    if that!
    im sorry but the vita is officially dead until $ony decides to start putting some fucking effort into it!

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