Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Treyarch’s Only Dealings With Black Ops: Declassified Was To Make Sure Fiction Was Intact

Treyarch’s Only Dealings With Black Ops: Declassified Was To Make Sure Fiction Was Intact

Treyarch has revealed that it had nothing to do with the development process of Black Ops: Declassified, the title being forged for PS Vita, except making sure that the fictitious story was intact.

That’s according to Treyarch’s communications manager John Rafacz speaking to CVG, confirming to the site that the studio “has not been involved with the Vita version”.

An Activision spokesperson added:

Activision is the publisher, but we also have a partnership with Sony to bundle Declassified with the PlayStation Vita.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Everybody ready for another FPS fail?

  • narwall14

    i like how treyarch pussied out when people started to hate it

  • nick

    this is a perfect example of why $ony is in the shitter!
    its COD for fucks sake why the hell would you put nihilistic on the industries biggest franchise!?
    exactly why $ony is in the shitter, they either dont do things they should.
    or do them but so poorly they might as well not be done at all!
    they bring out the vita saying its the worlds first portable device for shooters, than go prove it by releasing shit like resistance burning skies and this!
    thats like ferrari saying this is the worlds fastest car, than proving it by racing it against a 20 year old ford and a 40 year old merc!
    looks like were going to have to wait till KZ is out, a full 12 months after the vita released, till their point is proved.

  • benzo

    Activision has to want better for it COD franchise. I’m sure they could have had a more active role in the development of the game, yet they chose not too. So as we point the finger of blame at Sony, lets also do the same with Activision. They are ok with putting out a crappy version of their flagship game to make a quick buck. Shame on both companies.