Tuesday, September 9, 2014
First Borderlands 2 Review Is In: “Bigger. Ballsier. Bullet-ier”

First Borderlands 2 Review Is In: “Bigger. Ballsier. Bullet-ier”

The first Borderlands 2 review has found its way onto gaming’s web, and according to quotes taken from a review by written GameMaster Magazine, the game’s “Bigger. Ballsier. Bullet-ier”.

The magazine blessed Gearbox’s sequel with a 95% score, calling it “the prettiest game of 2012″. The game’s four-player co-op mode was also praised as well as its improved weapons and combat.

So first score goes with 95/100.

Are you ready for Borderlands 2?

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Well I still have to finish Borderlands on my PC. This game looks really good. So maybe a buy for me when i have the cash. First MK then DJ Max Technika then probably this game. :D Hopefully I can get COD BO2 from you guys.

  • nick

    gotta love gearbox, if theres one thing they do really well its their tongue in cheek humor!
    i just hope this is a dam side more polished than the last borderlands…………

  • benzo

    Loved the first Borderlands and simply cannot wait until this one drops!!!!!!