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First Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Goes Live, Rates It High

by Ernice Gilbert on July 29th, 2011, under Hot, News, PC, PS3, Square-Enix, Xbox 360

You’re waiting impatiently for the arrival of August, the month Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released. Yet thoughts of whether the game will be worth the wait’s been crawling about your mind, leaving cobwebs and dusty footprints all over.

Fear and worry no more, son, the first review of Deus Ex: HR’s gone live, and according to critic, it’s top notch material.

First L.A. Noire Review Shows Up Online, Scores Flawless Victory

by Ernice Gilbert on May 12th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Rockstar, Take-Two, Xbox 360

If you thought you’d be waiting another week before you started seeing L.A. Noire reviews hit the internet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise, as the first review’s live now.

GameInformer Halo: Reach Review Goes Live, It’s A “Phenomenon”

by Ernice Gilbert on September 10th, 2010, under Bungie, Hot, Microsoft, News

We all knew is was coming, and now things are finally starting to roll. The first major Halo: Reach review’s hit the web courtesy Gameinformer, and according to the quote taken from Metacritic, Bungie’s done it all over again.

Video Thirst: First Halo: Reach Review Hits The Web, Says It’s The “Best Halo Ever”

by Ernice Gilbert on September 5th, 2010, under Breaking News, Bungie, Hot, Microsoft, News

It’s been a long time coming but in just one week, Halo: Reach will be yours to enjoy. That’s right, Bungie’s Halo swan song will finally be up for grabs on September 14th.

Should you buy it? You probably don’t need any reviews for this one, but just in case you’re a lone ranger on the fence, the game’s first review’s gone live.

It claims Reach is “the best Halo ever”. Quench it past the break.