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Eidos Montreal’s Thief: a respectful remastering somewhere between sequel and reboot


The first words spoken by shadow-hugging anti-hero Garrett in almost a decade are carefully chosen: “I’ve been away, but I couldn’t tell you where.” In that wry, noirish tone of old, they acknowledge his absence and also address the conundrum of bringing him back – the balancing act of continuity and reinvention at which Eidos Montreal proved itself more than ... Read More »

Video Thirst: Here’s Another Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer

Square-Enix is super-confident about the last Deus Ex game being developed by Eidos, and the publisher’s been going bold with tons of trailers. The latest below the break takes you through various abilities you’ll be able to employ during the game. Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s world is also explained, and that’s just for starters. Hit the link. Read More »

First Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Goes Live, Rates It High

You’re waiting impatiently for the arrival of August, the month Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released. Yet thoughts of whether the game will be worth the wait’s been crawling about your mind, leaving cobwebs and dusty footprints all over. Fear and worry no more, son, the first review of Deus Ex: HR’s gone live, and according to critic, it’s ... Read More »

New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Talks Cities

In the latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution video posted below the cut, Eidos devs talk about the cities found in the game, and the real life locations they were based upon. You’ll also see that the cities in the action title look like future versions of the real life ones they were tailored after. Read More »

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