Sunday, September 14, 2014
Rumor: Microsoft Not Streaming GamesCom Press Conference Because Xbox One SDKs Not Ready

Rumor: Microsoft Not Streaming GamesCom Press Conference Because Xbox One SDKs Not Ready

There’s this guy on NeoGAF, a popular videogames forums who’s been almost universally right when he says something, and just yesterday, the guy/gal, went on a leaking spree, making information known to the masses that would have otherwise never been released.

This time crazy buttocks on a train’, aka CBOAT, revealed, amongst other things, that the reason Microsoft isn’t streaming its GamesCom press conference is because, even this close to launch, Xbox One isn’t ready for prime time. Apparently the console’s architecture still hasn’t been complete, and the latest SDK version from a few weeks ago dropped performance by 15-20 percent.

CBOAT also said that Microsoft not releasing the console in the 21 countries as promised has nothing to do with language localization like the firm claims, instead it has to do with formerly leaked yield issues by CBOAT himself.

If true, it begs the question – will Xbox One be released early November like some have suggested? Or will the console’s release date be later down the road?

It’s also a shame to see Microsoft so unprepared this late in the game, and it doesn’t attract confidence in the software giant’s strategy at all.

GamesCom happens in earnest tomorrow, when Sony will livestream its PlayStation press conference. We’ll have date and times for you soon. We should know a lot about Microsoft and Sony’s plans before the event ends later this week, as it’s their last stop before the machines release later this year.

Via NeoGAF.

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  • Anthony S.

    DANG! MS sounds like they need a good 6 months to get things together……

  • qaswedrr43

    This whole article is stupid…

    They already said it’s only a media briefing which is why there is no point live streaming it…

    Might want to retract this whole article…

  • David Kidd

    Ok everybody wants to know the truth here it is. I play video games for a living and have access to xbox one and ps4. Remember I play games for a living and I am not a fan boy. I do it for a living. I got to tell everybody xbox one is a steal for $499. Hard to put in words but a awesome console. The ps4 is good but not great. Lacks the gameplay of the xbox one. I was playing madden 25 on both systems today and the game play is somewhat better on the xbox one. And if I was a billionaire I would give all the cheap people $100 hundred dollars. We’re they could get the best console. If everybody knew the truth about Sony $399 price tag with no camera and could have experience with both console. Everybody would know why Sony knows there in trouble. Why would Sony put motion in there controller used with the camera and blue light. It’s a scam and I hope this will help a lot of people. You get what you pay for. Xbox one will get more powerful with time to ps4 is stuck we’re it is at. Good luck everybody and to Sony I have to give the rice eaters credit for making this move. All most forgot to tell ps4 fans. Sony tried to copy xbox dashboard and xbox live its no wear close and ps plus still sucks. Xbox live is improved everybody is going to be surprised and the people who bought ps4 is going to hear from there friends how fun xbox one is. Good luck ps4 fans when you get your system your going to be very mad when you play a xbox one

  • guest

    yeah, what a lame article. if there was a yield issue, they wouldn’t have bumped up to GPU clock. yield issues usually mean you drop the clock. I can believe that the delay is due to the OS not being ready. It is a new system after all.

  • You suck

    Seems legit

  • Pontus

    Hahaha….this article is a joke

  • Gamerrr

    Hahahahaha. Wait a minute. You said you weren’t a fanboy….

  • Like A Boss

    Lol you havent got access to xbox one or ps4 lol only microsoft/sony lmfao you actually look so stupid and trying to make a console look bad is just stupid… And fan boys are like a bloody virus therea always 1 microsoft/sony hater lol im getting xbox one but.. I aint gona act like a butthurt 12 year old and diss othere consoles/gamers/etc but fanboys are nobodys and your comment is dumb as hell :)

  • Ippoletta

    They’re not streaming and making it private so sony cant change up their conference like the weasels they are. and good to, make sony go first for the next E3 Microsoft.

  • Not_A_PC_Gamer

    Oh but what you fail to realize son is that MS has earned our disrespect. They have lied, cheated and spoke to us through a fucking bubble that I find rather insulting. They tried to push what THEY BELIEVE is better for us only to have it backfire on their sorry asses and this my friend is what makes MS look so weak to any level headed adult with any amount of common sense. They backtracked on their draconian vision of the future and that is what makes them look weak. It also makes them look weak for them to be giving away free games out of desperation because everyone knows when MS gives something away for free they are desperate.

    So in the end, Fuck Xbox One based on principle alone. This isn’t about the games this gen, this is about standing up for consumer rights. I swear if they put the DRM back again and WHEN those cocksuckers raise the price of live again to $70 USD I’m going to rub it in all their faces. It’s become quite clear what kind of underhanded greedy corporation they are now.