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By Ernice Gilbert, January 4, 2013 4 Articles, Next Generation

Tweet “And it’s on.” Those were the words of Xbox front man Major Nelson, when he kicked off the hype train for Microsoft’s next Xbox two days ago. But what the Major failed to realize was that 2013 isn’t only… Read More »

By Stephen Chapman, August 6, 2012 8 Articles, Feature, Opinion

Tweet Shooting, Racing, Fighting and levelling up. These are all aspects in genres we are familiar with and for a long time now that has been the case. Sure, there are more aspects out there but they are still within… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, June 22, 2012 2 Activision/Bilzzard, Articles, PC

Tweet For those who love playing big games like Diablo 3, it’s always a good thing when help comes in the form of tips and tricks. We have a good amount of that below the break for all you fans… Read More »

Video Thirst: Top 5, What Games Thirst Want To See At E3

By Joseph Garrett, June 2, 2011 10 Article, Articles, Video Thirst

Tweet E3 is nearly upon us. Gamers around the world are getting giddy with anticipation for the worlds biggest gaming event of the year, and us at Games Thirst are no different.

Video Thirst: Top 5 Most Addictive 80 MSP Indie Games

By Joseph Garrett, May 24, 2011 4 Article, Articles, DLC, Microsoft, Opinion, Opinion Piece, Video Thirst, Videos

Tweet There is an incredible 1815 indie games currently available for download from xbox live. While many of these games are simply not worth your time, some of them are hidden gems that get lost in the pile. Finding these… Read More »

Video Thirst: Is Saints Row 3 Going To Have A Unicorn Gun?

By Joseph Garrett, April 22, 2011 5 Article, Articles, PC, Playstation 3, PS3, THQ, Video Thirst, Xbox 360

Tweet Yesterday (21st April) the celebrity youtuber Freddy Wong uploaded A video about him winning a free unicorn from a pop-up. He then discovers the horrific truth that the unicorn can shoot rainbows out of it’s unmentionable. So whats that… Read More »

Gaming: For Men Only!

Tweet It has always seemed weird to me how something so seemingly unisex as gaming is dominated by such a degree by one sex. Sure girls play videogames as well (maybe more than you think), and the number of girl… Read More »

Feature – Ten Rules To Survive The Crysis 2 Multiplayer (Video Thirst)

By Ernice Gilbert, April 2, 2011 2 Articles, EA, Hot, PC, PS3, Shooter, Xbox 360

Tweet Crysis 2. Forget all other rationals because the game is an apparent winner. Just look at our multiplayer review here, and single player review there, and you’ll see why Crytek’s forged an instant classic. It’s also selling extremely well,… Read More »

Get With It – The Best Games Are On PS3

By Ernice Gilbert, March 15, 2011 6 Articles, Hot, News, PS3, Sony

Tweet If you call yourself a gamer, you should at least own a PS3 or Xbox 360. They are both capable next generation consoles, and they both offer great value. You’ll have a blast on Xbox Live playing awesome games… Read More »

Dear Microsoft, Why Have You Abandoned Me?

By Ernice Gilbert, March 10, 2011 3 Articles, Hot, Microsoft, News, Xbox 360

Tweet I used to love you for many reasons. You were the new kid on the block and had a no-holes-barred feel to your style. Buying exclusives, stealing some away from the competition. Making great Halo games and Gears of… Read More »

Last Night, I Dreamt Microsoft Released Its Next Geneneration Xbox

By Ernice Gilbert, March 9, 2011 21 Articles, Hot, Microsoft

Tweet It’s not often I dream about video games, nor the hardware they run on. But last night, in a rather surreal moment, I dreamt Microsoft had released its next generation Xbox, leaving the competition, and the gaming masses, stunned…. Read More »

Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2 vs PS3 Screenshot Comparison Is Rather Sexy

By Ernice Gilbert, March 7, 2011 3 Articles, Crysta Dynamics, Hot, PS2, PS3, Square-Enix

Tweet Lara Croft used to epitomize what it meant to be a sexy main protagonist in video games. When others failed, Lara held the fort, and the woman is set to take center stage once more in Crytal Dynamics upcoming… Read More »

Thinking Of Abandoning Gaming? Play These Five Games Before You Leave

Tweet Gaming. The best pass time ever. You’ll never get bored enjoying the countless experiences available in said entertainment form. You like shooting people? We have shooters. Rather haunt treasures you say? Try Uncharted. How about taking the battle to… Read More »

PS3 Owners Are Happier Than The Xbox 360 Crowd

By Ernice Gilbert, January 11, 2011 8 Articles, Feature, Hot, Microsoft, Sony

Tweet When you’ve been around something for a while, you get the sense of what’s going on with it. Whether it’s a good situation or nasty one, because of its familiarity to you, there are certain answers you’d be able… Read More »

PS3 Hasn’t Outsold Xbox 360 for 3 Straight Years

By Fernando, July 17, 2010 7 Articles, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Tweet When folks talk of the PS3 and Xbox 360, they always equate the success of the latter as being mostly in the United States Of America. But is that true? Because many have argued that although Microsoft holds a… Read More »