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By Stephen Chapman, August 10, 2012 7 Feature, Microsoft, Next Generation, Nintendo, Sony

Tweet One thing that always becomes the talk of the internet is whenever a new console is rumoured or ‘details’ of said consoles appear. But there are always two factions. One insists it’s the only way forward and once we… Read More »

By Stephen Chapman, August 6, 2012 8 Articles, Feature, Opinion

Tweet Shooting, Racing, Fighting and levelling up. These are all aspects in genres we are familiar with and for a long time now that has been the case. Sure, there are more aspects out there but they are still within… Read More »

By Stephen Chapman, August 3, 2012 7 Article, Culture, Feature

Tweet Years ago before the yearly updates of Call of Duty and such people played games like Unreal tournament and Quake, these games were the place to be back in the late 90’s and even early 2000’s. However the genre… Read More »

Tweet What do we all think about when we hear the words “Call of Duty”? We think of a blockbuster AAA hit developed by either Infinity Ward or Treyarch, and I have to say that the franchise has come a… Read More »

Gaming: For Men Only!

Tweet It has always seemed weird to me how something so seemingly unisex as gaming is dominated by such a degree by one sex. Sure girls play videogames as well (maybe more than you think), and the number of girl… Read More »

Top 5 Game Trailers

By Joseph Garrett, April 14, 2011 10 Feature, Microsoft, PC, Playstation 3, PS3, Sony, Trailer, Xbox 360

Tweet When does a game trailer stop being an advert and instead become a work of art in it’s own right?

PS3 Owners Are Happier Than The Xbox 360 Crowd

By Ernice Gilbert, January 11, 2011 8 Articles, Feature, Hot, Microsoft, Sony

Tweet When you’ve been around something for a while, you get the sense of what’s going on with it. Whether it’s a good situation or nasty one, because of its familiarity to you, there are certain answers you’d be able… Read More »