Friday, July 11, 2014

Cliffy B: The Children In Heavy Rain Are “The Most Hideous. Ever.”

Cliff Bleszinski has said time and time again that he really loves Heavy Rain. The developer has gone as far as to say “[Heavy Rain] has created a new genre.” But there are certain elements in the game he thinks could have been down better.

Especially the way the children in the game act, according to Bleszinski, David Cage and his Quantic Dream team didn’t do enough to avoid the “uncanny valley”.

“Yes, it really grows on me,” he said when asked by Gamereactor if he was enjoying Heavy Rain. “But, even if I feel it’s a really good game, I don’t think they have done enough to avoid the “uncanny valley” problems. The children in the game are some of the most hideous I have seen. Ever.”

Nonetheless, Cliffy concludes the game “grabs” him; especially the early scene with the kid getting lost at the mall.

“But the game has really grabbed me,” he continued, “and the scene early on where you are at the shopping mall trying to find your kid is very effective. And the tension they create at times, is really cool. I haven’t gotten that far into it, just a couple of hours, but I’m sold on it.”

I’m sold too Cliffy. A great effort from Quantic Dream indeed. So what do you think? Share your thoughts.

The full quencher’s through the Gamereactor link above.

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    Yeah Cliffy, and the characters in Gears are just so perfect right?