Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Ubisoft Wants Cliff Bleszinski


What do you do when one of the gaming’s most prolific developers becomes a free agent? You start sending pretty things his way in an effort to win him over. That’s exactly what Ubisoft is doing to the Gears of War brainchild. Read More »

Epic Games Has Seen PS4/Xbox 720 Specs, They’re Not Powerful Enough

Unreal Engine 4 High Def

Epic Games has a unique position in the games industry because Unreal Engine, owned by the venerable firm, is used by more developers than any other. Because of this, the company’s bosses believe they have the ability to help shape what next generation games should look like, however after seeing PS4 and Xbox 720′s specs, they’ve concluded it’s not enough ... Read More »