Friday, August 29, 2014

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Anime ”Magi”, 2nd Season Starts


A Second season of the anime Magi had been announced on the last episode of Magi. Now don’t miss Magi: The kingdom of Magic. There was this announcement:  The first and second episodes will be previewed at a special event in Tokyo on September 22, 2013. Regular broadcasting begins on October 6, 2013. So, in less than a week we ... Read More »

Otaku News: Revealing anime


The next 3 days Otaku-sensei will write about 3 animes, one per day. Puraresu Sanshiro (Japanese), Plawres Sanshiro (English), OPENING: Medabots, in Japan  Medarot (Medarotto) OPENING:  Shaman king (Shāman Kingu) OPENING:    Read More »

Manga sales and rankings, July 29th – Aug 4th


Here are the weekly Blu-ray & CD rankings for July 29th – Aug 4th Rank / This week’s sales by copies / Cumulative sales / Titles Blu-ray   7,483 *7,483 Zoids- Limited Edition   7,262 *7,262 Little Busters!vol.8   5,001 85,054 Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 1: Hajimari no Monogatari/Movie 2: Eien no                             ... Read More »

Otaku-sensei asks: What about the Otaku section?


Hello everyone! Not too long ago, the big guy (Ernice) and the game-tamer (Christos) brought me in, and we introduced the brand new Otaku section — a corner of the site dedicated to the anime fans out there. In these days, I published two articles: an introduction to DragonBall, and a more in-depth look into the series. While not something ... Read More »

Video Thirst: Heavy Rain Turned Into 3hr Movie, We Pop Corn

So you’ve played Heavy Rain and enjoyed it fully. But you just couldn’t get around to playing it again because you lacked the drive. Yet, like a child wanting mammy to tell a bed time story, you dream of the day Sony would turn the full thing into a movie. Your dream, my friend, has just come to pass. Read More »