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Plawres Sanshiro, the power of Juohmaru

Plawres Sanshiro, the power of Juohmaru

One of the oldest anime.

Let’s start with history: The anime was first aired in 1983, in Japan, Hong Kong, Greece (I really loved Jumaru) and Arab countries. The manga appeared in 1982 and continued until 1985.

In japanese the name is: Plawres Sanshiro (Puraresu Sanshirō)

Story: Sanshiro Sugata and his 30cm PlaWrestler robot Juohmaru are trying to win against all their rivals and one day become the champion of the PlaWrestler tournament. The anime combines  professional wrestling, hi-tech Robot Wars and traditional Dojo features. That’s because the grandfather of Sanshiro is the judo master of the Sugata dojo, which of course, Sanshiro never attends to.


Sanshiro Sugata (Sugata Sanshirō)
Kyoko Fubuki (Fubuki Kyōko), friend, love interest,  assistant judo instructor
Shota Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi Shōta), best friend, information collector
Tetsuya Hasegawa (Hasegawa Tetsuya), Juohmaru’s mechanic
Shinji Murao (Murao Shinji), Juohmaru’s programmer
Kennosuke Sugata (Sugata Kennosuke), grandfather
Kaoru Sugata (Sugata Kaoru), mother
Machiko Sugata (Sugata Machiko), little sister
Kenichiro Sugata (Sugata Ken’ichirō), father
Jose Garcia, The mastermind behind all the plans directed against Sanshiro
Ballesteros, Chairman of the World PlaWresting Association (WPWA)
Sheila Misty, she works for Jose Garcia
Gendou Kurosaki (Kurosaki Gendō), Japan’s national PlaWrestling champion for three consecutive years
Shinogu Narita (Narita Shinogu)
Dr. Warmer
Rival PlaWrestlers
Mad Hurricane, Ikarus Wing, Majin, Rocky, Mosquito, Cherry Bomber, Iron Killer, Blue Hawaii, El Matador, Stardust, Ganchanko, Hiryu, Pretty Rosa, Big Bang, Asteroid, Death Trap, Devil, Yoga, Great America, Western Buffalo, Red Arrow, JJ, El Cid, Mad Maximum, Great Simba, Siegfried, Ivan, Jupiter.
Genres: Mecha, Sport, Shonen
Episodes: 37

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