Sunday, January 4, 2015


Anime ”Magi”, 2nd Season Starts


A Second season of the anime Magi had been announced on the last episode of Magi. Now don’t miss Magi: The kingdom of Magic. There was this announcement:  The first and second episodes will be previewed at a special event in Tokyo on September 22, 2013. Regular broadcasting begins on October 6, 2013. So, in less than a week we ... Read More »

Otaku News: Revealing anime


The next 3 days Otaku-sensei will write about 3 animes, one per day. Puraresu Sanshiro (Japanese), Plawres Sanshiro (English), OPENING: Medabots, in Japan  Medarot (Medarotto) OPENING:  Shaman king (Shāman Kingu) OPENING:    Read More »