Friday, January 2, 2015
Visceral Games Hiring For New “Online Action Shooter”

Visceral Games Hiring For New “Online Action Shooter”

According to OXM, a new EA job listing says that Dead Space studio is seeking a Lead Multiplayer Designer for a new project that will become a “cornerstone for a new EA Games studio.” I had heard Visceral was at work on something new, and now they say they’re going places “no other IP has gone before,” which is exciting in and of itself.

All we know about the new title is that it’ll be an online action shooter, and the successful candidate will have “architectural knowledge and experience making realistic world levels.” Sounds a little like MAG, doesn’t it? As far as we know, Dead Space 3 is in the works as well, but going in a fresh direction is something we have to appreciate.

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  • nick

    so its for visceral, but its for a new studio?
    that makes absolutely no sense!
    plus there working on dead space 3.
    sadly, i wish they would get to work on dantes inferno 2 but EA dont seem too keen on that.

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