Friday, August 29, 2014
Otaku-sensei asks: What about the Otaku section?

Otaku-sensei asks: What about the Otaku section?

Hello everyone! Not too long ago, the big guy (Ernice) and the game-tamer (Christos) brought me in, and we introduced the brand new Otaku section — a corner of the site dedicated to the anime fans out there. In these days, I published two articles: an introduction to DragonBall, and a more in-depth look into the series. While not something much yet, I want to ask the Games Thirst community this: do you like what you see?

To expand on this: what would you like to see? Does the form of the articles appeal to you? Would you want to see more, for example, pictures? Art? Videos? Music? Obscure facts? More articles, and more often?

I’m asking now, before continuing on with my work, in order to meet your expectations, and work on a template that you like — let’s not forget, this all is for you. I assure you, I’ve no shortage on content, and I could elaborate on each franchise I write about for articles upon articles. 

So, keeping this sort; nay? Yay? Yay, but…? Let’s hear your opinions!

About Andrew Tsavtaridis

Hello people, I'm Andreas-san, 21 years old Otaku, MOBA gamer, professional dancer and athlete. I'm the chief over at Games Thirst's "Otaku" section, so talk to me about anything concerning that part of the site. Boom!
  • ItNeverStops. Gaming.

    I’d say it’s a YES! Keep it coming. I’ve been an avid GamesThirst follower for years, and I only NOW feel compelled to write a comment because I want to see this work continue! Keep it up.

  • Benzo

    I dig the format you are using,fits right along side what GT has been doing. I would like more of the same because I like what you’ve shown so far. More articles, more art and pics, videos,obscure facts…the whole shabang!!!!!! Keep it pumpin sir!!!!!