Friday, August 29, 2014

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Otaku News: Revealing anime


The next 3 days Otaku-sensei will write about 3 animes, one per day. Puraresu Sanshiro (Japanese), Plawres Sanshiro (English), OPENING: Medabots, in Japan  Medarot (Medarotto) OPENING:  Shaman king (Shāman Kingu) OPENING:    Read More »

TV Special ‘Pokemon: The Origin’ Air on October 2nd

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According to the official Pokemon Website, a TV special ”Pokemon: The Origin” will air on the TV Tokyo network at 7pm on October 2nd. The story is based on the Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green games which are regarded as the origin of the Pokemon series. During the Pokemon Game Show, it was announced that a brand new anime will run to ... Read More »

Otaku-sensei asks: What about the Otaku section?


Hello everyone! Not too long ago, the big guy (Ernice) and the game-tamer (Christos) brought me in, and we introduced the brand new Otaku section — a corner of the site dedicated to the anime fans out there. In these days, I published two articles: an introduction to DragonBall, and a more in-depth look into the series. While not something ... Read More »

Games Thirst Welcomes Andreas Tsavtaridis, Our New Otaku Guy


As Games Thirst continues to grow, things are becoming more exciting. Today, I’m proud to introduce to you a new addition to our team, Andreas Tsavtaridis! I’ll give him the pleasure of telling you more about who he is, where he hails from, and what his role on Games Thirst will be, however I’d just like to insert that you ... Read More »