Friday, August 15, 2014

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Video Thirst: PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Gives Added Advantage

There’s a new PlayStation Move add-on that’s launching in tandem with Killzone 3 on February 22nd that will be compatible with the aforementioned game and SOCOM 4. According to Guerrilla Games boss Herman Hulsts, Sharpshooter will give gamers who opt to use it the added accuracy advantage, and also it’ll make you feel like you’re really immersed into the experience. ... Read More »

PS3 Owners Are Happier Than The Xbox 360 Crowd

When you’ve been around something for a while, you get the sense of what’s going on with it. Whether it’s a good situation or nasty one, because of its familiarity to you, there are certain answers you’d be able to give without stuttering. For example, if you told me that my wife was a talkative girl, I’d call you a ... Read More »

Kinect’s Shipped Over 8 Million Units According To MS

Sony and Microsoft were at CES last night, and the two giants, in their separate press conferences, let loosed some magnificent numbers concerning their devices. The notables on Microsoft’s end are the Xbox 360 and Kinect of course, with the software giant claiming the latter’s shipped over 8 million units worldwide. That’s no tiny number. Read More »

Sony: Kinect Is “Not Up To Spec”

The company wars, they never cease, and nor would we want them to. The industry needs a bit of spice, wouldn’t you say? Yes, Aaron Greenberg knows just how to get Sony’s crowd rowdy, and apparently, Sony Computer Entertainment software engineer Anton Mikhailov knows just how to cause a stir in the Xbox 360 community. Kinect? What Kinect? The man ... Read More »

Move Is “Legitimately” Hard To Find, Says Sony

Michael Pachter said yesterday that Microsoft and to a further extent Sony, were giving the impression that their motion control devices were sold out and hard to find at retail just to create positive momentum for the products. And while the latest Kinect numbers released yesterday by Microsoft puts all Pachter’s chatter to rest, Sony’s yet to release any, so ... Read More »

Kinect In Gears Of War? No Way Says Bleszinski

Talk’s been circulating the web pouring fuel on a fire that started claiming Gears of War 3 will have Kinect compatibility. The report came from a credible source, too. IGN claimed that the motion-control features would emerge in a Gears of War game, but Epic Games lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski killed the flame with a response via twitter. “No Kinect ... Read More »