Friday, July 4, 2014

Kinect’s Shipped Over 8 Million Units According To MS

Sony and Microsoft were at CES last night, and the two giants, in their separate press conferences, let loosed some magnificent numbers concerning their devices. The notables on Microsoft’s end are the Xbox 360 and Kinect of course, with the software giant claiming the latter’s shipped over 8 million units worldwide.

That’s no tiny number.

That’s according to MS CEO Steve Ballmer, speaking at the company’s 2011 CES keynote.

It’s a big number indeed, seeing that the motion control device had only sold about 2.5 million in November. It’s a mighty number. I’m assuming sales must have skyrocketed during the Christmas season.

For further clarification, MS made known to Dina Bass of Bloomberg that the numbers do, in truth, relate to retail shipments. However, Microsoft also added that it’s “far surpassed” 5 million sold, but wouldn’t talk further.

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