Friday, August 15, 2014

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Microsoft Officially Starts Selling Xbox One Without Kinect


Microsoft has announced that it’ll start selling Xbox One consoles without Kinect, a move which comes as somewhat a surprise to some, as Microsoft said that it would never sell the console with the motion peripheral. Analysts, however, are not surprised, because for months they’ve argued that Microsoft would eventually cut the price of the console — or sell it ... Read More »

Microsoft Says It Will “Aggressively Challenge” Any Gov’t Attempt To Spy Through Kinect


After the massive leak by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. government, via the NSA and CIA, received user data from Microsoft’s services like Skype, Outlook, Hotmail and others, giving these government firms unprecedented access to people’s personal information, including Skype video calls, the Redmond, Washington company is trying its utmost best to rain in the controversy ... Read More »

Xbox 360 gets 50$ price cut and many new bundles


Were you looking to buy an Xbox 360? Microsoft announced that a $50 discount promotion will come these holidays, for many Xbox 360 bundles, old and new. This applies to the 250GB Xbox 360, the 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, and the 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect. (Not included is the 4GB Xbox 360 without Kinect) The $50 discount promotion ... Read More »

Xbox 720: Microsoft R&D patents 360 degree full 3D game environment technology

Microsoft 3D Environments

“Environmental display” device patent filing has taken place, issued by Microsoft’s R&D department.Featuring 3D depth camera, it appears the device will emit infrared light patterns and register where is the player blocking the signal, a technique which is similar to that of the Kinect. But the patent suggest Kinect’s 3D camera will play a role, which is used to separately ... Read More »

Microsoft: We’ll Never Leave The Core Behind

All over the internet, you’ll hear the same cry: Microsoft has forgotten the hardcore and turned Xbox 360 into a Kinect circus. Is this accusation true? Too many it is, but to the company’s Xbox UK boss Stephen McGill, that’s quiet a lie, as he assures the hardcore will never be left behind. Read More »

Top Five Biggest Microsoft E3 Moments, One’s A Megaton

When it comes to big surprises at E3, no one does it like Microsoft.  The software giant has stolen Nintendo and Sony’s thunder in the past, so don’t be astonished if it does it again.  We’ve seen many an announcement on the platform holder’s stage, haven’t we? Everything from the new Xbox 360 Slim unveiling when Microsoft gave every journalist ... Read More »