Monday, July 14, 2014

Xbox 360 Has Shipped 50 Million Units Worldwide

They said it would flop back in 2005, the naysayers did, but 6 years later, the Xbox 360 has shipped over 50 million units worldwide, outdoing Sony’s PS3, and lasting longer than most ever thought it would.

It’s a winner.

Microsoft announced the numbers during its keynote last night, adding Xbox Live now has 30 million registered users, an incredible rise of 5 million from just November of 2010.

Coupled with Kinect now with over 8 million units shipped, it’s apparent the motion craze is far from over.

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  • nick

    yup, but ill ask the question on everyones mind.
    how many of those were to replace broken units?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    About half maybe?

  • nick

    nah, id say at least 60%
    up until late 08 M$ had serious RROD problems!
    09 they got a handle on it with new smaller processors and the new slim 360 helped allot too, but it still looks like its still vulnerable to RROD even though M$ said they completley removed it!
    sigh, when will these companies stop treating us like we were born yesterday?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Liars, they all are.